A lousy evening last night!

A painful one!

I had the tooth ache of all tooth aches! Throbbing! Pulsating! Even my ear hurt!

I think it has to do with the new cap I got a few weeks ago. Either that or I have a giant abcess.

Thank you, Dr. Lou!

Two aspirins did not help. Two Aleve an hour later did not help. I went downstairs and poured myself an 8 ounce glass of Beefeater gin. With no ice! Screw the triglycirides!

That did it! About an hour later I could have been hit in the head with a sledge hammer and would have felt no pain! Slept well. And no pain this morning! Though I do have a large lump below the tooth.

I see the dentist at 8:30 this morning. Help me, doctor!

My tooth ache makes everything else that occurred yesterday seem unimportant.

The basketball game was good last night! However Michigan State must have felt as I did! Hurting!

Congratulations to North Carolina! A fine basketball team! A destructive machine as they ran all over Michigan State. Especially in the first half.

Check in tomorrow to find out what caused a very bad time for me last night.

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