It’s 2 in the morning and I am awake!

There are some tourists staying next door and they are whooping it up big time outside by their pool. Music and yelling and that sort of thing. It’s like trying to sleep on Duval outside Sloppy Joe’s at this time of night!

Yesterday I lunched with an old friend. One I had not seen in about 7 years.

Her name is Ann.

I first met Ann back in the early 1960s when she was a young reporter for the Utica Observor Dispatch. Then she moved on. Boston and Delaware. Married. At some point ended up an interior decorator in Delaware.

We lost touch. And then ran into each other about 7 years ago when she and her husband retired to Big Pine. A small world!

She was visiting my Key West home and her decorating nature came out. She told me I needed an oriental rug in the living room. And that is where my oriental came from! And also the huge wood coffee table that sits on it!

Then we lost contact again. Big Pine is only 30 miles away, but for some 3,000.

Last week Ann discovered this blog. She sent me an e mail advising of her monumental discovery! The result was lunch yesterday.

It is good to cross paths again with an old friend. Especially one of 50 years ago!

We had long pleasant lunch on the deck at the Pier House.

Yankee Jack came into the conversation. Turns out she is good friends with Yankee and Katey.

Then to Lisa’s. Still home. She seemed a bit better. This walking pneumonia takes a long time to kick. I spent a couple of hours with Lisa.

Last night I was tired and decided to spend a quiet evening at home. And, of course, get a good night’s sleep! Which I am obviously not getting!

Golf today. About 7 hours away.

At least I will have a good excuse for playing poorly. I did not get enough sleep!

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