My poor Lisa is still sick.

I spent some time with her yesterday. This walking pneumonia continues to hang in there. She is still home from work. Saw her doctor yesterday. He tells her it takes time. She is closing in on her third week.

The pythons are back in the news!

Burmese pythons to be specific.

Two have recently been discovered in the lower keys. One more than 11 feet long. Key Largo is the entrance to the keys and is about a 100 miles north. In the past 2 years, 9 pythons have been captured.

The pythons are not native to the keys. Nor to Florida in general. So how do they get here? Simple. People buy them in pet stores and raise them as pets. After a while, the pythons get too large to handle. So their owners release them into a wooded area some where.

Florida’s waterways are a convenient conduit for python traveling. For whatever reason, they seem to swim south. And some are ending up in the keys!

Florida’s wooded areas are not a natural habitat for pythons. It is strange therefore that they are migrating to the keys and the keys’ massive mangrove growths.

The State has commissioned a study to determine why they are here in the keys, what they eat, etc. in an effort to eventually dissuade the python movement.

The pythons are not yet a problem. So it is probably good the study is being done at this stage. The last thing I would want is to walk out to my pool and see a 10 foot python sunbathing!

The G20 Summit in Europe starts today. I am concerned. There is always a tendency for the little guy to beat up on the big guy when the big guy is down! We are down! Lets see how “our friends” treat us.

Memories are short. We have basically helped every one in this world! With the exception of the English who have never forgotten our assistance in World War II, most other countries are quick to take a jab at us when the opportunity presents itself.

Yesterday President Obama fired the General Motors CEO. Good for Obama! Enough pussyfooting around. With all this tax payer money being invested, Obama has every right to flex a muscle here and there. And the message he delivered yesterday is very clear. Shape up or ship out!

What bothers me is that we keep defecating on the auto industry. And the banks and AIG seem to be getting a free ride. Auto workers are forced to renegotiate contracts. An auto Ceo is fired. But with the banks, there is a different approach. A softer one. Not right! The bankers are the ones who got us into this trouble. Let heads role! Break contracts! What is good for the goose, is good for the gander!

Key West is a unique place! Many famous and outstanding people have retired here. One is Lou Harris. Harris was THE pollster for years. Especially back in the 1960s and 1970s.

Harris now lives in Key West. Has for years.

Last night he spoke at the public library. Interesting! He shared many views peppered with his experiences.

He speaks occasionally around the island. Catch him the next time he does. A very worthwhile experience.

I started my evening at 6 listening to Harris. Then to the Chart Room to meet Marty. We had earlier agreed to meet and have dinner together.

The Chart Room was crowded with locals. A good place to taste the flavor of Key West.

I told Marty I had to get a steak in, per my doctor’s orders. To help my iron defieciency problem.

So we were off to Michael’s. A place for steak! Perhaps the place for steak!

My meal was excellent. However when you have not eaten beef in ages, it sort of sits in your gut. I still have that heavy feeling this morning.

Oh, what we do in the name of health!

I wish my doctor would recommend a nice young lady for me!

Have a good day!

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  1. Okay, Louis. I read two of them. Maybe more after I get a case out. Not so bad for an amateur writer. One correction, however: A black & white is the chocolate syrup, the milk, the soda, but NOT chocolate ice cream. Black & white means VANILA ice cream.

  2. Okay, Louis. I read two of them. Maybe more after I get a case out. Not so bad for an amateur writer. One correction, however: A black & white is the chocolate syrup, the milk, the soda, but NOT chocolate ice cream. Black & white means VANILA ice cream.

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