It is humid this morning. Not bad. It rests on your skin. A good feeling! Especially after the unusually cold winter we had here in Key West.

I slept late. So the sun is up, bright yellow, the water blue and the palm trees green. The colors are dramatic! The sun brings them out.

Golf yesterday!

My usuual disaster!

However…..I had 2 pars! Made for a big day for me!

I did get tired from a lack of sleep the night before. The fault of my loud tourist neighbors! The back nine was like digging ditches!

So after golf I came home and climbed in bed! Took a 3 hour nap!

Last night I started out at Aqua with Bobby Nesbitt. Always good!

Then to La Trattoria for what I thought would be dinner alone at the bar. I was happily mistaken!

It was Beecha’s night off. She was at the bar enjoying. She moved over to sit next to me. She said, “I want to sit next to you, Louis.” Made my night!

Later on Marty came in for dinner. Beecha was gone. So I had coffee with Marty while he ate. No disrespect to Marty, but he was a poor substituite for Beecha!

Then home to bed for a good night’s sleep! Before 9!

Business is obviously down. Restaurants and bars are not crowded. The boats are not going out every day. The hotels/motels less than full.

Not as it should be. The season is not yet over. But this recession affects every thing and every one. People either do not have money or if they have it, are afraid to spend the money. Properly so! Which leaves a tourist community such as Key West suffering a bit.

All are participating one way or another in this recesson. It touches us all.

Tonight bocci! The team that was so good last season, our team, continues to wallow in last place. We have not won even 1 game in weeks. But we are undaunted! We shall survive! And we shall return! Next season!

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