What a great sport’s Sunday!

First, basketball! Love this March Madness!

Michigan State destroyed favored Louisville! A big time victory! Louisville came into the game ranked first in everything. They never were in the game. It seemed as if Louisville did not come to play. That is how it goes. A winning team cannot be up for every game. This observation takes nothing away from Michigan State who was clearly the better team yesterday.

Then came the North Carolina/Oklahoma game! North Carolina the better team and won big time going away!

Could things get better? They did!

Golf! Tiger Woods! Tiger won Arnold Palmer’s Tournamnet. In dramatic fashion! With a 12 foot putt on the last hole! Vintage Tiger Woods!

I laid around the house all afternoon watching these great sport events. Could not stay in last night, however. It was time to get out!

So I showered and dressed and was out on the town!

My first stop was the Chart Room. Had a drink with friends.

Then I opted to go over to La Te Da. I was not that hungry. However I had a craving for Alice’s sushi appetizer. I figured I would eat it at the outside bar.

It was not my time, however! La Te Da’s Sunday Tea Party had just concluded and the bar was packed with partyers from the Tea Dance. Every one was drinking. No one eating. And no room at the bar, in any event. Not the place for my Sunday evening snack.

So I stayed not. I decided on La Trattoria, even though I had eaten there the night before. Kathy is the Sunday bartender and always good company.

I am glad I ended up at La Trattoria. Had a good time!

Kathy was her usual pleasant self. She is always attentive. Probably because we are almost neighbors from up north. Kathy comes from Albany and I Utica.

Some interesting people at the bar.

Debra and Dan. They had just arrived from the Boston area. They were staying at the Hyatt and planned to be in Key West for a week.

But that was not their original plan.

They had a week booked in St. Kitts. Paid $4,000 for the trip upfront. When they got to the airport in Boston, it was discovered that wife Debra’s passport had expired 2 months earlier. So no trip to St. Kitts.

They decided to travel anyway. Their first plane was to Miami, so they flew to Miami. Stayed overnight. Rented a car and drove to Key West. They had never been here before.

I shared some tips with them as to where to dine, play, etc. Debra vigorously wrote everything down. Don still loves Debra. Not mad at her. Accepts without complaint that he just lost $4,000. A good husband! Or, maybe she is a terrific wife!

It was pushing 9 o’clock, so I sent them over to Larry Smith’s Sunday showcase at the Pier House.

They left and were replaced by Michael and his wife from Concord, New Hampshire. They are finishing a 6 week stay here in a rented house in Old Town. We hit it off right away. Michael is an attorney in Concord and close to my age. We talked about law school days, the practice and things of that nature.

Nice people. I hope I run into them when they return next year.

That was my day. Not bad. Actually, very good.

Yesterday I commented on the high school girl I ran into at Borders that obviously had been drinking. And this was around 3 in the afternoon!

The feedback has been significant. Many telephone calls and e mails. Apparently this is a nationwide problem! Wow! And sad! Where have we failed in this regard as a society, as parents?

Gray outside. The sun is trying to come up. Another great Key West day anticipated. The weather has been fantastic. Low to mid 80s by day. Low 70s by night. And just a touch of humidity by day.

What better place to be!

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