It is Sunday again! A lazy, restful day! I love Sundays!

The weather has definitely turned! There is a touch of humidity by day. Enough to require air conditioning. However, the evenings are cool enough so you can get by with an open window.

My poor Lisa is still sick. Though she did seem a bit better yesterday. But not by much.

I went over for lunch and stayed a while. Robert had a tuna sandwich, Ally peanut butter and me a cheese sandwich. Then we had pretzils. Ally kept dunking her pretzels in peanut butter. What a combination! Then Ally sat on my lap and read to me. Following which Robert and I spent some time outside hitting golf balls. Plastic ones.

Basketball was terrific yesterday! Especially the Villanova/Pitt game which I finished watching while having dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Love March Madness!

Then I went to the Keys Piano Bar for a drink. Chatted with Bill and June Hudson. We seem to frequent the same places!

After the Keys, I crossed the street to La Te Da. Debra and Michael were playing. Debra’s singing is so delightful!

I took a seat at the bar and enjoyed! And had my second and final gin of the evening! What a good boy am I!

I chatted with the bartender Sassy for a while. We both agreed it had been a short tourist season.

La Te Da was crowded. But not crazy packed as it should be during the season. The sesason ends Easter Sunday or a week later. And Easter Sunday is only 2 weeks away!

La Trattoria was only a little more than half full while I was having dinner. And this is on a Saturday night!

Forget the Keys Piano Bar! Twelve people at the most!

All a sign of the times! The recession is having its impact on Key West. People are either not spending what they have or do not have it to spend!

I am anxious to see the figures after the season as to attendance in Key West this year. I would guess that we are down at least 20 per cent, if not more.

I had a disturbing experience a few days ago.

I was sitting in Borders reading a book. I came upon a quote which interested me. I wanted to copy it. I had neither pen nor paper.

There was a young girl sitting next to me. About 3 feet seperated our chairs.

It was obvious she was a student. She had her shoulder/book bag slumped on the floor. She looked at best 15-16 years old. A high schooler!

I asked if she had pen and paper. She quietly extricated both from the book bag and handed them to me. I did my copying. Then I turned handing the pen back to her and said, “Thank you.” Turning towards me, she took the pen and said, “Your welcome.”

If I were not sitting, her breath would have knocked me on my ass! Heavy with alcohol! This teenager had obviously had a few in mid afternoon!

It bothered me! As I am sure it disturbs you, also!

Is this the way it is with high schoolers in Key West? Is this the way it is with high schoolers all over the country?

A real problem, if it is!

A great day ahead! The Sunday papers, Meet the Press, more college basketball, Kate Miano’s Gardens at 5, Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase at 9 and I don’t know what else!

Enjoy your day! I am going to enjoy mine!

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