It’s 4 am. I woke and could not fall back to sleep.

Not bad though. The weather is perfect. Windows and doors open. No air conditioning required.

Quiet. Very quiet. Soundless. Only the noise of the ocean running by.


Last night was a disaster! Maybe that is why I am having difficulty sleeping!

Syracuse lost! Badly! Oklahoma beat them 84-71. The ride is over for Syracuse!

Syracuse had a good season. Ended up around 15th in the country. Could have been better, though. They hit a losing streak near the end of the Big East season. Then came back big time in the Big East tournament. Winning in 6 overtimes will go down as a classic performance!

They played poorly last night. Never had it. If the two teams met again next week, the result could be directly opposite. But that is not how things go.

The good news is that basically the whole team returns next year!

Yesterday started quietly. Paper work in the morning. Then lunch at the Yacht Club.

Lisa telephoned. She craved oranges. So to Publix I went.

Lisa is still sick. It appears it will take a while to kick the walking pneumonia. I played the good father during the afternoon and stayed with her.

Stayed for dinner, also. We did Chinese take out. Robert and Ally love ribs. Devour them! What a mess they both were when they were done.

Then it was home to the Syracuse game. The result still bothers me. I could tell 3 minutes into the game that it was not going to be a good night!

Oh well, as the Brooklyn Dodgers of old were wont to say…..Wait till next year!

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