A full day yesterday!

Started with a bone density test and chest x ray at the Lower Keys Hospital.

The hospital has improved with its personality, cleanliness and timeliness over the years. It was a disaster several years ago when I had major surgery. I shall never forget. I went in for an emergency appendectomy. A 20 minute operation I was told. I came out 6 1/2 hours later minus 25 per cent of my colon. Which, as it turned out, I did not have to lose!

Things do seem better. But trust me, it will be a cold day in hell before I have surgery here again!

Anyhow, yesterday turned out to be a pleasant visit for some routine testing. And the best part of it was Heather! Heather is the radiologist who took care of me.

A nice young lady. Beaming, cheerful, professional. Most importantly, concerned. Twenty four and a single Mom. Very lovely. She has lived in Key West most of her life. Her parents came when her Dad was in the Navy. The family remained after his retirement. Dad was the upsatirs bartender at Turtle Kral for 14 years. More recently, he bartends at Cowboy Bill’s.

I hope that when any of you need an x ray here in the keys, you are lucky enough to have Heather take care of you.

Afterwards I went over to the new Key West Steamplant to see the condos. Calling them condos is not precise. They are exquisite residences.

This is one of Ed Swift’s developments. His wife Nancy had invited me over to take a tour.

You have to see it to believe it! That good! Words alone cannot fully describe the beauty and splendor Ed Swift has created!

First, you have to understand what was. An abandoned electric company. A derelict. Consumed with enviromental problems. A blight on the Key West community!

Swift had a vision. And he is in the process of completing that vision.

The residences are all large. 2,000 to 3,000 feet of actual indoor living space. Throw in the huge balconies and independent roof space/pool, overall living space is around 5,000 square feet.

The development concept is exciting! Most of the residences are 3 floors, including the private rooftop space each residence has. And your own private elevator! From the garge, to each floor of the residence and to the roof.

The roof top view is spectacular! Most have a clear sight of the harbor! The view actually took my breath away. I had never seen the splendor of the harbor from that height.

These residences obviously are not for everyone. On the pricey side. But there is a market for them and that market is being satisfied.

Thank you Ed Swift for the fine job you have done!

Ed Swift grew up here in Key West. He has prospered. But he does not forget. He gives back. He is one of the largest financial contributors to local charities. And generally a silent one at that. And then there is affordable housing. There is no greater supporter and proponent for affordable housing than Swift.

There are some in the keys who do not always speak well of Ed Swift. A minority, but they exist. And I think the reason why are the trains and trolley cars Swift operates. Yes, he owns those cute vehicles carrying tourists around town!

The problem is when you get stuck behind one, it is 3-4 blocks of slow driving.

Small inconveniences disturb people.

It used to bother me when I first came to Key West. I was always in a hurry. Over time however I have come to appreciate being stuck behind one of Swift’s trains. The slow travel gives me a chance to appreciate the archecture of Old Town, look upon the faces of happy visiting families riding those trains and think a bit.

It all works out when you get in Key West time! And I am always now in Key West time!

Lisa is still sick at home recovering from walking prneumnonia. I bought lunch and brought it to her. She was not hungry. She did not eat. So I ate my lunch and her lunch! So much for the battle of the bulge yesterday!

Then to Borders to continue reading an interesting pre World War II book.

Followed by a nap. I had to rest up for bocci last night.

We finally played better last night. All of us. Jules, Bebe, Rob, Don, Brandon, Maria, Michelle, Cris and me. But we still lost all 3 games! Two were very close! All took forever to play! A real competition last night.

We all felt good afterwards. We are the cellar team! Last place! We played the 2nd place team. We did well! About time!

It was 10 and I was tired. I had consumed 2 gins while playing. So I skipped Don’s Place and headed home to bed.


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