Golf was fun yesterday!

We played a scramble game. There were eight of us. We split into 2 teams of four.

I played with Don, Tom and Bill. Don is long and an exceptional golfer. Shots high 70s and low 80s. Tom is in the high 80s. Bill low 90s, with an occasional score in the high 80s. And then me, around 115.

We moved along. Played par golf on the front side. Could not drop a 5 foot putt on any hole! The birdies eluded us!

Finally got a bird on 10. Excited all of us! Lost the bird effect a couple of holes later when we could not sink a 5 foot putt for a par.

Now we were pushing for birds!

In scramble, each person’s drive must be used at least one time a side. On the back nine, Don and I had used our drives. Of course, we were using Don’s drives as much as possible since they were genrally twice the distance of any one else.

So we ran into a problem. We came to the 17th tee and had yet to use a Bill or Tom drive. Which meant one of their drives would be used on 17 and the remaining player’s drive used on 18. Regardless of the quality of the shot!

The 17th hole is the easiest par 4 on the course. On in 2 and 2 putt for a par. Could easily be a bird.

The drive from the tee has a huge wide farway. Water to the left. Houses to the right. The water rarely comes into play. The houses do.

Both Bill and Tom are excellent golfers. Generally straight and true off the tee.

Not yesterday on the 17th hole!

Bill went into the water on the left, which again is rarely in play!

No sweat. We still had Tom. No way he was going into the water!

Yesterday he did! Farther and deeper that Bill!

We ended up taking a double bogey 6 on the hole. Our dream of winning the scramble over!

We finished 2 over. The other team came in at even par.

But we had fun! And that is the important thing! Don, Tom and Bill are good guys to play with. It was a jocular round!

We sat around the porch of the club house drinking and chatting afterwards. Bocci was the issue of the day! It seems to be most days. A consuming issue for those of us who play.

We play tonight. We are having a bad season. We are in the cellar. Basically the same team that finished one game out of the play offs last season! Oh, how the mighty fall!

I understand there is to be a shake up tonight. In hopes of turning things, Jules and I are being seperated as partners. I will not be playing in the first match.

I am destroyed! Not really. We have to do something. It is not just Louis who is playing poorly. It is the whole team and we recognize it!

Last night I stopped at Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Bruce Moore showed up and so we we were treated to a duo performance. Great singing!

Afterwards I had a quiet dinner alone at the bar at Antonia’s. I felt a carb need. So lasagna it was!

Golf tired me out yesterday. I was home in bed early. In fact, I fell asleep before 9 and slept like the dead till this mnorning. I was tired!

Just before I fell asleep, I flipped on Channel 79. 79 is a local Key West channel that plays old old black and white movies and serials.

There was a black and white on the screen. Very old. Probably an early talking movie. Late 1920s or very early 1930s.

So old I did not even recognize the stars! Had no idea who they were!

All of a sudden this youthful singer shows up in the film. For about 20 seconds. It was Bing Crosby! This had to be one of his very first film appearances. He was a nobody who had a few seconds on camera. In and out of the scene. And that was it for him!

Did Crosby look young! He appeared all of 17 to me! And thin! Never saw him so thin! And his own hair!

This morning I have a couple of tests to do at the hospital. This getting old is a pain! Always doctoring. Always fixing. Always tuning up. But it is better than the alternative!

And then bocci tonight!

I have no idea what will happen this afternoon. But that is the way it is supposed to be when you are retired!

Talk with you tomorrow.

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