I slept late. So the blog is late. Sorry!

The big news of yesterday is the Syracuse/Louisville game for the Big East championship. Louisville won by 10 points.

It was as I had predicted. Syracuse ran out of steam in the second half. Not an excuse. Merely an observation and explanation. Too many overtimes and one game too many. This was the fifth game in five days for Syracuse.

The real killer was Louisville’s full court press. No way could Syracuse hold up to it after the previous 4 games.

Congrats to Louisville. Congrats also to Syracuse who played outstanding basketball in the tournamnet. Syracuse’s play will be recorded for the ages!

Now on to the NCAA tournamnet. I love March Madness!

Tonight is Kathleen Peace singing at the Wine Galley at the Pier House. Nine o’clock! Go! Listen to her! Enjoy! She is one of the finest!

Have a good day, my friends!

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