Syracuse! Syracuse! Syracuse!

They did it again last night! Won by 5 points in overtime! Six overtimes the night before. One overtime last night. Syracuse has to be exhausted!

Syracuse has won 4 games in four days. They actually have played 5 games. Add the 35 minutes of overtimes and you only come up 5 minutes short of a full game!

Tonight Syracuse plays Louisville for the Big East championship. Madison Square Garden in all its glory! A big game! A big night!

I think Syracuse will lose. They have to be dead tired. Their bodies and legs have to give out.

Louisville is coached by Rick Pitino. Pitino plays his bench. All 10 players. He keeps his players rotated and rested.

Boeheim only plays 7. The same 7 who have overdone the past two nights.

I believe Syracuse will start running out of gas early or in the middle of the second half. And then it will be over!

On the other hand……Syracuse’s juices are flowing after these two recent wins! The adrenlin may be enough tonight to carry them to victory! We shall see!

Pitnio and Boeheim are the best of freinds. Pitino coached under Boeheim early in his career. One was best man for the other. Their families are tight. All good people.

My day went as planned yesterday.

I did nothing. It was Louis’ day.

A quiet lunch at the Pier House. Sat on the deck outside the Wine Galley and watched the water, read my papers and listened to the music.

I ran into Kathleen Peace. Besides possessing one of the outstanding voices in Key West, she is Food and Beverage Director at the Pier House. A big job! Kathleen is being featured at Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase at the Pier House tomorrow night. Do yourself a real favor. Go hear Kathleen sing!

Last night started with a drink at the Keys Piano Bar. Only one. A diet Pepsi.

Then across the street to La Te Da. Chatted with some of the folks at the outside bar.

I met Don and Eileen. They are in Key West for a long weekend. Come down from somewhere around Sarasota. They visit Key West regularly. They are contemporaries of sort. Somewhere in their early 60s.

Nice people. We hit it off. Drinking and laughing. I had my first drink.

Don and Eileen like Irish Kevins. I do, also. However I rarely get there. So I agreed to join them at Irish Kevins for a drink.

The place was packed. Very! It is a spring break weekend. The college kids are here in droves!

We pushed our way to the bar and ordered drinks. Only my second of the night! I opted for a Patron Silver shot of tequila. With a slice of lime, of course!

While waiting for our drinks, a young man asked me, “Down for spring break?” He meant well, but was being a smart ass!

“Yes” I responded. “We are going to college late in life. Miami University. Don and I are Dekes.”

He bought it! And he bought our round of drinks!

Having consumed my 2 drink limit, I said my good nights and was home in bed in time to catch a good portion of the Syracuse game.

A good evening!

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