Sundays are always good!

Lisa came over yesterday afternoon with Ally to swim. Robert stayed home with his father. A new thing. Robert is becoming manly. Does not want to be with the girls.

Ally is so much fun! We do hot chocolate when she comes over. A sweet thing for me in more ways than one!

Last night I had a light dinner with Marty at 915. First time I have eaten there. Tapas just not my thing. Food was good. Atmosphere could have been better. While I was sitting upstairs, I thought how much happier I would have been at Martin’s next door.

Then to the Pier House’s Wine Galley for the big night!

It was bigger and better than I had anticipated!

The place was jammed packed, inside and out. Not a seat to be had.

Larry Smith did his usual good job in putting together a top quality show. His musical talent is without peer. He organizes, directs, writes, performs. He does it all, including washing the windows! He is the whole package when it comes to music!

Kathleen Peace and Christine Cardone performed. What a duo! They sang Irish lyrics all night! Some I knew. Others I had never heard. All exciting to hear! There was occasionally audience participation. It was an outstanding St. Patrick’s Day party!

It was also Kathleen Peace’s birtrhday. The evening was intertwined with a celebration for her. Cake, candles and all! A lovely lady! A great talent! Happy birthday again, Kathleen!

Bob and Lynda Frascheete showed up during the performance with some professinal Irish performers.

First, there was a bag pipper. Kilt and all!

Then a singer.

Finally, two young ladies who danced what I would describe as the Irish jig. Terrific!

A good night was had by all! Key West friends and visitors joined together to celebrate a special occasion!

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