No matter what happened yesterday, the best part was the Big East’s Syracuse/Connecticut basketnball game.

I’m tired!

Connecticut has been in and out of 1st place all year in the national rankings. Syracuse finished 20th.

The game will be an historical classic!

It went into 6 overtimes. Six! And in the end Syracuse won by 10 points! My team!

Six overtimes is 30 minutes. A game is 40 minutes. These guys played almost a whole second game in the overtimes.

The game started just after 9 and ended around 1 in the morning.

These players have to be exhausted! Syracuse plays West Virginia today in the quarter finals. I doubt Syracuse will win. They have to run out of steam!

Mike Yutzy now lives in Las Vegas. He was texting me all night commentiung on the game.

It was bocci time last night!

My life is strange. I am beginning to think that I play better golf than bocci.

Yes, I played poorly again last night. This makes 3 weeks in a row that my bocci game has sucked. I know not why!

As you know, drinking in an integral part of the bocci sport. Don and David wanted me a bit under the weather last night. They are convinced I play better after a couple of drinks.

Don brings the booze for the team. Your choice! I drink Beefeaters and so there is always a bottle of Beafeaters. Someone made a mistake last night, however. There was only enough gin in the bottle for one drink. To compound the problem, I only had one small sip out of my drink. A female player from the other team accidently knocked my drink over.

This was just as the first match started. Don and David went crazy! I said worry not. It will be different to play totally sober!

They did not agrre. They did not care. Winning has become everything!

David hopped on his moped and drove back to the bar. He returned with a full bottle of Beefeaters. I was playing at the other end of the court. All of a sudden David was there! He handed me a glass of gin on the rocks. And said, drink!

It is called victory at any cost!

However I failed! I played poorly again!

I am glad I never practiced law like I play golf and more recently bocci. I would be a homeless person today!

It may not sound like I am still in my good health kick. But, I am! I ate well yesterday. Even bought spinach. Have not cooked it yet, though. That drink from David was my only drink last night. And I walked 3 miles!

My plan is to have a Louis day today. Do nothing. I have not had one in a while.

Do the same for yourself, if you can!

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