Good morning every one!

The weather has finally turned here in Key West. A month late. But better late than never!

82 yesterday. No humidity. Perfect!

Golf was great! Nothing spectacular! Played my usual game. Shot 115. Even missed 3 putts less than 2 feet. What a disgrace, but I had fun!

I rode with Yankee Jack. A trip!

We played with Phil and a new guy, Tim.

Yankee, Phil and Tim are all better golfers than me. Every one is! They gave me a stroke a hole, except on the 3s. Did not help much. I lost $10!

I spent the afternoon at home doing paper work.

Last night I went to Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt. He leaves this morning for Tahiti and Bora Bora. He and Bruce Moore. Remember that cruise they went on a couple of months ago. It was a gig. They sang in one of the small rooms. The same cruise line has invited them back to sing in the main room! No surprise! These guys are terrific, whether singing alone or together!

I then went down to the Keys Piano Bar. I made a mistake in yesterday’s blog. Donna and Terri do not leave for New York till tomorrow.

This Terri is one fantastic singer! We were sitting at the bar quietly talking. The piano player was a for real piano player. He was into some heavy stuff.

All of a sudden he was playing West Side Story. Maria! Terri turned from me and joined in from her seat. You have to hear her sing Maria! Gave me goose bumps!

Then across the street to La Te Da for dinner. A light one.

I ate at the bar outside.

Tonto and Dawn were bartending.

Tonto is a female who has been bartending here in Key West for years. A charmer! She and her partner Mandy make a terrific couple. I like Mandy also. She’s into money and mortgages. A knowledgable woman!

Last night was the first time I met Dawn. Another lovely person! Turns out Dawn has just returned to Key West after a 10 year hiatus. Dawn spent years working for the Rapisardi family. I bought my Key West home from the father Rapasardi. In fact, Mr. Rapisardi built the home I now live in. The son Sal is one of the finest businessmen I have ever met. An MIT graduate, he made his fortune in gay hotels, bars and restaurants in Key West. From engineering to a particular phase of hospitality lodging and entertainment. The man possesed the talent to recognize a needy and growing market!

The Rapasardis are long gone from Key West. Dawn told me Sal is now in West Palm Beach.

Dinner was terrific! The food at La Te Da sucked for a couple of years. But Alice is back! And she is cooking!

I had french onion soup and the tuna tartare appetizer. Both were outstanding, especially the tuna tartare. Tasty and just enough!

I am back into a good health kick! My annual physical was OK. However I had a few negatives. My triglycirides are up. Not bad, but up. A new problem. My iron is down. Also, a new problem. And my weight is a bit up. An old and continuing problem.

So time for healthy living again! The only problem is I thought I was living healthy.

Triglycirides up means too much sugar and alcohol. Since I am not into sweets or desserts, it has to be the gin. So I am cutting back to 2 drinks a day. Not easy in Key West.

The low iron score surprised me! I eat fish every day. It is fresh and good here in the keys. I have become a half assed vegetarian in the process. I have steak about 2 times a year.

The message from the doctor is eat at least one steak every 2 weeks. Also start eating spinach. So Popeye I shall become!

The weight isn’t bad. Ten pounds in a year. It is always 10 pounds!

I used to walk briskly for exercise every day. I stopped a few months ago. I start again this morning.

There was no sense in staying out after dinner at La Te Da last night. I had already consumed my 2 gins. The first at Aqua and the second with dinner. I had a diet coke at the Keys, being the good boy that I am!

So it was home to bed and a good nights sleep. It also gave me the opportunity to watch Syracuse win its first game in the Big East tournamment in New York!

This morning Lori cuts my hair! Always an event! Ho, ho, ho!

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