Good morning!

Golf today! Can’t wait!

I finally have a new cap. It only took 5 weeks to get it. I am glad the problem is resolved. Now I can chew on both sides of my mouth! What a difference!

I also had a 2 hour physical yesterday. It was good health day!

My doctor is Jackie Lefferts. A terrific internest!

Dinner was late last night. I was going to stay in. Then got bored. So out I was.

I walked into La Trattoria. It was my lucky night. There was only one seat at the bar. Next to Lee Ann.

Lee Ann and her husband are friends. They moved to Key West full time about 3 years ago from I do not recall where. Both are younger. Probably in their mid 40s.

Lee Ann is a knock out. An absolute beauty! Slim blond type.

Her husband commutes. All over the world during the week. Returns to their Key west home on weekends.

Lee Ann works as Financial Director at the Wellsley House here in Key West.

They have a lovely condo in Truman Annex. I have partied there. Charming hosts.

So what initially was going to be a boring evening, turned into a most pleasant one. Lee Ann and I chatted non stop.

Afterwards I hurried over to the Keys Piano Bar to say good bye to Donna and Terri. They leave for New York thursday. We will not be seeing each other tonight.

Still dark outside. This clock change thing still has me a little screwed up. By the time I tee off, the sun will be up. Hopefully!

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