I have to move my butt this morning. Dentist at 8 to finally get my new cap after waiting five weeks. Then to the doctor’s at ten for my annual physical.

A health nurturung morning ahead!

I had lunch at Paradise Cafe yesterday. Paradise is a cheapie place. I usually have a cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato and a diet Pepsi for $4 and change.

Yesterday the place was packed! Inside and out! I have never seen so many people. There was no room for the chickens!

I believe the crowd at Paradise is another reflection of the economy. People are downsizing in their spending. An inexpensive lunch is one indication.

Marty called last night. Invited me to dinner. He wanted to buy.

We met at the Chart Room for a drink. Then had dinner at the Hot Tin Roof.

Hot Tin Roof is on the water side of the Ocean Key House. Ocean Key is a part of the Noble chain of resorts. One of the finest in the United States.

The view was spectacualr. We had the setting sun! An orange ball slipping over the horizon! The food good.

I have not eaten there in several months. Maitre de John was happy to see me. And I was happy to see him again.

I rarely go to Hot Tin Roof because it is touristy and noisy. I have become a local snob. The food however is outstanding!

Afterwards I stopped at the Keys Piano Bar for a nightcap.

Donna and Terri were at the bar. Terri had just finished singing for happy hour. We talked of their pending New York City trip. Terri bought me a drink.

And then I was on my way home.

It just occured to me that I did not spend a penny last night!

Morning Joe reports this morning that Citigroup paid $13 million in bonus money to its employees. The money came out of the $46 billion bailout money paid to Citigroup by the US Government. Our tax dollars.

Citigroup excused its actions by saying it had to keep its troops happy in this competitive society or they would move on to to other jobs.

What bullshit!

Unemployment is at an all time high. Unemployed qualified people are all over the place looking for work. A bonus is not required to keep a person working. People are happy to have jobs today! The work place is not a competitive place today!

What makes banks so omnipotent in their thinking? Wow are they entitled! Banks honestly believe they can do anything they want! And the public be damned!

I have to run! Dentist and doctor await!

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