Absolutely beautiful day yesterday weatherwise!

82 degrees with a cooling breeze.

I decided to lunch at the Pier House’s Beach Bar. I bought some Sunday papers and seated myself at the end of the bar where I had a clear view of the beach activity. A wise move. The college invasion has started and there were a number of lovelies on the beach. I have gotten old! The 20 year olds looked awfully young!

I have recently been doing the Pier House on Sundays because a bunch of locals hang out there that day each week. They are fun and I enjoy their company. I do not go to view the young ladies, though it does not hurt to sneak a peek!

Afterwards I went over to the Coffee House on Duval. A cup of coffeee and the New York Times! Obviouisly spent quite a while there reading the Times.

I frequent the Coffee House often. So do many other Key West locals. A woman was there yesterday afternoon that I have seen at the Coffeee house many times over the years. Sometimes we exchange some idle chatter. Other times we do not talk at all.

Yesterday she opted to talk with me. She asked, “Do you know where I can get a job?” She then proceeded to tell me how she has worked on one of the diving/fun boats that go out every day for the last ten years. No more, though. Not enough business. The boat did not have enough customers to go out every day and she had been let go.

She said the other boats were experiencing the same problem and letting people go also.

She was decidedly afraid. She had lost her job a week ago and could not find anything. Typical of most, she led a hand to mouth existence. She needed her weekly pay check. She would take any type job. It was a matter of survival!

The recession is impacting Key West. My lady friend is just one example. I know many people in the hotel/lodging industry. They are all concerned about April. Bookings are dramatically down from previous years.

I see the streets full of tourists. But only on weekends! Which suggests shorter trips.

The Keys Piano Bar and La Te Da were full Friday night when I was out and about. But not packed so you could not move, as in previous times.

People are not spending money! Those that have any! They are confused and afraid. What is happening is new to all of us. I am 73 and have never seen anything like it. We need an injection of confidence. What it will take, is beyond me. When you see mainstays of American society, such as banks, the auto industry and insurance companies failing, it is going to take an awful lot to restore the necessary confidence.

Dinner last night was with Lisa and the family. I had not seen the grandkids in a week. Ally is growing! Only 3, she is almost as tall as her brother Robert who is 4. Lisa says Ally has been eating non stop lately. She is in a growth spur!

Dinner was fun. The grandkids talk non stop. Ally is into ketchup. She puts it on everything. Her lettuce. And the banana Lisa cut up for her. Ugh!

We sat outside for awhile after dinner and chatted. Then I was off to home. I went to bed too early and fell asleep. I woke during the night and have been up ever since.

I woke with a bang! And not the right one!

The board holding the spring and mattress at the head end of the bed collapsed! All of a sudden my head was down and my feet up!

The last time something like that happened to me was 30 years ago when I was having sex with my wife.

The middle of the night is no time to screw around with correcting the problem. I hauled myself off to one of the other bedrooms and tried to sleep. Could not. I was awake the rest of the night.

Today is going to be another beautiful day! Sun out. No clouds. Water moving ever so slowly.

Have a good Monday!

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