Good morning world!

The clocks have changed!

We were to move them ahead one hour during the night.

I hate this thing we do twice a year. I find back/ forward confusing. Never get it correct. I do not know how to change most of the clocks. A generational thing. And then my head and body have to adjust to the change which takes a bit of time!

I am 73 and although time changes, my reaction to the change never changes!

I was out and about last night. Key West was full of visitors. People crowded the streets. A lot of families.

Donna and I had dinner together. Terri had to work a double shift at the Keys. Five in the afternoon till four the next morning. Someone was sick.

We ate at the bar at La Trattoria.

Erin was bartending. Always good to see her!

Kathy was waiting tables. She generally bartends on the weekend. A very nice person! My buddy!

And then there is my all time favorite, Beecha. What a beauty! She is the hostess. Dresses magnificently! She was wearing a large black necklace last night, to go along with her long slinky black dress.

Donna and Beecha chatted about the necklace.

Donna makes necklaces for a living. Beautiful pieces.

Her matrerials generally consist of bamboo, jade, silver, brass and glass beads.

The bamboo is grown here in Key West. Donna takes 5 to 10 foot long sticks and dries them out on her back porch. The stalks are green and wet when first cut. When the drying process is complete, the stalks are black or brown. She then cuts them into the small sizes required for a piece and polishes them big time.

All the jade is imported from the Orient. Donna is well traveled and has secured her connections in the Far East for the jade.

Most of the silver she uses comes from some Indian tribe reservation out West.

The brass is from Ethiopia. For whatever reason, she says Ethiopian brass is the best and the only kind she will use.

The glass beads are from Africa.

Donna also keeps an eye out for old belt buckles and any little thing that she thinks can be cleaned up and incorporated into a neck piece.

She makes all this jewlery in her Old Town apartment. She has all kinds of machinery and equipment. To cut, polish, adjust, etc.

Impressed? I always am. Her pieces are absolutely magnificent! More and more women are wearing them in Key West.

She markets by wearing her jewelry. On more than one occasion, a woman has approached us in a restaurant to ask where Donna got the necklace she was wearing. Donna says I made it and my pieces are for sale. Many is the time I have seen a sale made on the spot! Donna takes off the necklace and turns it over to the interested inquirer!

Donna’s necklaces are also on display at the Stone Soup Gallery on White Street. Once a month there is the Walk on White. The Walk is a good sales night for Donna. She is there. The walkers enjoy meeting the artist. Donna exudes charm. Her jewelry is high quality. Sales are made!

She is also on television promoting her wares. Channel 79 that I told you about a few days ago.

Channel 79 is a new promotion venue for Donna. She is terrific in the ad which takes several minutes to show. All of her sincerity and talent and whatever else is good in life comes out at you through the TV screen.

Donna and Terri will be leaving next week for New York where Terri starts rehearsal for Finian’s Rainbow. They are flying up. However when they return, they will be driving a truck back from New York to Key West. Terri still has some of her things in storage in New York. So a Ryder or Budget truck it will be!

Donna says she has had truck driving experience. I don’t know. I have a sense I 95 will never be the same after their return trip! Two independent women stopping for gas, making a pit stop, grabbing a bite to eat and putting up over night at some motel. They will both leave their mark on I 95!

It is Sunday! Love Sundays! The sun is up. Going to be a nice day.

Three things are certain on Sundays. The newspapers, Meet the Press and dinner with Lisa and the family. What happens in between I am not certain. But one thing is certain. It is always interesting!

Talk with you tomorrow.

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