23 POUNDS!!!

I had a routine check up appointment with Dr. Mc Ivor yesterday. My heart doctor.

I knew he would be thrilled with my 19 pound weight loss. On his scale, it read 23. Wow!

Blood pressure excellent, too.

What a good boy was I!

I am going to stick with my scale’s readings for the time being. My nature, way of doing things.

Matters even better this morning. I had been stuck at 19 for 10 days. This morning, 20!

Another 20 to go!

Mary Lou Hoover a special lady. Helpful in many ways. She is running for Commissioner. I am supporting her. I told her she was crazy to run. She said she had to. Thought she could make a difference.

That’s Mary Lou.

Mary Lou’s campaign kickoff party began at 5 yesterday at Salute’s. One hundred thirty people plus or minus. Everyone having a good time. The beach, sunshine, good food, good drink, and good company.

Served as an opportunity also for me to visit with people I had not seen in a while.

Later, I was having dinner at Antonia’s at the bar. Mary Lou and husband Charlie showed up. They sat with me. We enjoyed dinner together. Talked politics, of course. It is on her mind.

Where ever we look, we see young children with touch phones and tablets. The kids all proficient in their use.

An unhealthy situation has developed as a result. Their grip is affected. Finger muscle development. Many cannot hold a pencil by the time they reach school age. Their fingers lack fundamental movement skills.

Pediatricians are also concerned with brain activity. Hand strength and mobile skills are involved with brain building. A right brain, left brain thing. Lack of mobile finger skills causes a failure in transition from right brain learning to left brain learning. The pediatricians claim children become more emotional than logical as a result as they get older.

Too much touch screen and touch tablet use can also result in the need for detoxification. The child having become over stimulated.

Trump time.

Trump said yesterday that if he had been at Douglas High School, he would have gone in. Even if he had no gun.

He fantasizes. Attempting to represent himself as a brave person, a hero.

Captain Marvel he is not.

This is the same person who received 5 deferments so he would not have to go to Vietnam. Four while in college. The fifth purportedly for bone heel spurs.

When first asked why he had not served, he said he had a “high draft number.” He described it as “phenomenal.” Later investigation determined it was the 5 deferments.

Man historically has made every attempt to keep women down. Second class citizens. Even after Congress passed the 19th Amendment which gave women the vote. The vote could not be denied on the basis of sex.

The 19th amendment was passed by Congress on June 4, 1919. Rapidly ratified. On August 18, 1920, it was the law of the land.

Some men could not accept women voting. Lawsuits were initiated for all kind of nonsensical reasons to thwart the Amendment.

The matter was put to rest with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Lesser v. Garnett on February 27, 1922. In effect, leave the ladies alone, they have the right to vote!

Interestingly, the ladies did not rush to the polls. Many were uneducated and did not know what to do. Others were stymied by voting restrictions based on identification, location, etc. Similar to the manner in which whites even to this day try to keep blacks from the polls.

Big evening tonight! My podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

The shows get better each week. At least I think so. They must be. I have more listeners and advertisers each week.

Join me at 9 my time. Enjoy a swift moving half hour of interesting topics. Some eye openers.

Enjoy your day!




28 comments on “23 POUNDS!!!

  1. Trump said yesterday that if he had been at Douglas High School, he would have gone in. Even if he had no gun.
    end quote

    I’m not defending the man, but, thats not what he said.

    • You’re losing it Patrick. Go to NY Times 2/26 om internet. Video of Trump. Actual words…..”I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” I paraphrased his comment.

      • Oh, that’s just Patrick, he seems to always have problems with the truth. Probably tell you that’s not what he meant in a twelve paragraph response which won’t make any sense.

      • I watched what he said and he never said he would, he said he may or might have. I forget actually which word he used, but, from what I watched him say, he never said he would.

        • Just to clarify, I just watched the video from two different news stations which ended up totaling 3 that I watched. I was wrong. What the president actually said was that he BELIEVED he would have gone in. The complete video needs to be watched, not the liberal channels cherry-picking.

          I’m not the person with problems with the truth.

          And again, I’m not defending the man. Lets just get the mans statement correct.

  2. I guess we will have to wait a little longer for Middle East peace, Kushner just had his security clearance downgraded. Rats!

  3. Why do Americans have this great fear and hate toward their own Government that makes them arm themselves to the teeth? There never has been any action coming close to justifying this paranoia. The British ran the place for a while, but they were from another country. The citizens of most countries do not behave in this way even though they question the actions of their own leadership over lots of things.

  4. ron on February 28, 2018 at 9:56 am said:
    end quote

    Yep, I’ve found that to be true. Liberals think the facts are lame. Thats why I like liberals so much.

      • Not about to stop typing pal. Not a liberal, glad to hear that. Wouldn’t know that from your posts. To me folks like you are the embarrassing ones. When the man that owns this blog tells me to stop then we’ll talk about it.

        • I’m sorry you feel that way, I was only trying to help, no reason to jump all over me. But your response to Lou about Trump’s rushing in talk did seem lame to me and I wanted to say so. I do also really feel that your posts here are not helping us normal conservatives in being heard and respected. I don’t know what has made you so angry, but it comes across as mean and uncalled for. Can’t you see by Lou’s response that even he’s not happy about them?

  5. I’ve met Lou, I like Lou. I know he doesn’t like most of my posts. Its just point/counter-point. I’m not angry, I just prefer facts over cherry-picking, thats why I thought posting a video showing what was said was called for.

    • But your recounting of that video does not in fact substantially change what Lou said DT said. Just about every person in the world personally saw what DT said and knows what he was trying to say. Your version or interpretation of that, saying he “BELIEVED” he would have gone in, is essentially the same bravado, and parsing those words to any extent is the textbook definition of “lame.” Besides this isn’t the first time DT’s made that kind of statement, basically that’s what he said after the shooting in Paris too. OK, DT is a little over the top with these kind of outbursts and maybe you could say that’s just our president being himself, but you can’t say he didn’t say that and still look credible. It makes you and by extension the rest of us look like we’re defend DT is some crazy way and that truth isn’t important. That’s all I’m saying.

  6. Thats not my ‘version or interpretation ‘, thats what the man said. Thats why I posted the video. And for the third time, I’m not defending the man and I made that very clear, just stating facts. Thats all I’ve said. [smiley face]

    • Patric – I was wondering, could you please explain for us how what Lou said Trump said (paraphrasing, as admitted by Lou) – “Trump said yesterday that if he had been at Douglas High School, he would have gone in. Even if he had no gun,” differs in any meaningful or useful way from what you found Trump to have said – “I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon.” From that it appears, he (Trump), simply prefaced everything by saying “I really believe….etc.” otherwise everything else was the same. Can you explain how that changes ANYTHING, intent, function or meaning? What am I missing? It sounds to me like Lou had it right, particularly in the context he presented.

  7. You wouldn’t understand so believe what you like. I’ll stick with what was actually said. It makes all the difference.

  8. Patric – OK, I expected you wouldn’t because you can’t and the only thing you can really do is make lame excuses. How about then you explain how by even bringing this up at all could be considered as anything BUT defending the man, regardless of what you say about that?

  9. Once again its simple Mickey. You can’t even understand what is said on a video. If you think I’m defending the man you go right ahead and continue to think that.

  10. Patty – I understand perfectly what was on a video, and I understand what Lou said paraphrasing that video. What I don’t understand is how you (and apparently you alone) can’t see that they are essentially one and the same, unless of course you are just trying to cover that you got this wrong and are unwilling to say so, or explain why you see it otherwise. And yes I do feel that given all of this, your intentions were solely to defend the man (trump).

  11. are essentially one and the same,
    end quote

    No they are not. Even the word essentially can’t be given that much latitude

  12. Yep, it is a comprehension issue. I understand what is said, what I hear and read. i don’t make STUFF up or inject my own interpretation.

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