I have said and written many times over the years that the Key West of today would not exist were it not for David Wolkowsky. I doubt any would disagree.

Steve Thompson’s recent batch of writings makes mention of David. Steve and Cindy knew David way back when and until David’s passing a few years ago.

Steve wrote…..I pulled into the Pier House at 4 am in ’73. I was tired and I could hardly see. A guy named David was working the front desk. I told him a single room. I just needed some rest.

He said $42 was as low as he could go.. I thought he sounded snobby. I said no. He said ok, I have a room for $25 a night. I told him that would work, it sounded right.

I found out later he wasn’t a snob, he just sounded like one. And the odds he would lose a customer at that hour was not acceptable to him.

David Wolkowsky was an architect, a hotelier, and an entrepreneur. He never slowed down. He was always in high gear.

David had a private island called Ballast Key. He gave it to us for the weekend for our 10th anniversary.

In 1990, he had a penthouse above Margaritaville on Duval. He said Cindy was there to help whenever he would call.

David played a big part in the Key West building boom. Buildings all over the island. The most important, the Chart Room.

Leaving Steve and David, we move on to teachers in the Florida school system today. A despicable situation exists.

Florida schools opened this month. Short 4,000 teachers.

Two reasons.

The first are salaries. Starting salary is $44,040. Average salary is $51,009. The average salary especially shocking when one is aware the living wage in Florida is $49,625.

The other problem is the DeSantis inspired political atmosphere. School boards and teachers are constantly under attack.

A Mickey Mantle baseball card is under auction. It is anticipated the card could bring $10 million. It is in mint condition. If it does sell for $10 million, it would be the most expensive card sold to date.

The auction ends 8/27. The most recent bid $6.5 million.

My father was a baseball card collector and trader. He had 4 shoe boxes full of cards. As he got older, he was trading with grammar and high school kids. Never for money. Pure card for card trading.

Dad died at 98. He gave up the trading in his 70’s. He gave his entire co0llectoion to one of the young boys he had been trading with.

we are all aware art is generally auctioned. Rare written documents also. A rare original copy of the  United States Constitution was sold last year at auction for $43 million. “Rare” means more than one copy exists. it is believed a dozen copies of the Constitution exist.

Russia is failing in the war against Ukraine. An excuse was given yesterday as to why: “We’re failing on purpose!”

The Kremlin’s military chief admitted Russia has “slowed” its war with Ukraine, but claims it’s all part of a “kind hearted plan.” The reason: To avoid civilian casualties which he said was slowing down their progress.

Bullshit! Typical of authoritarians and authoritarian regimes. They all lie. The facts speak for themselves. Putin has bombed a maternity hospital, playgrounds, theaters clearly marked as safeguarding children, apartment buildings, a shopping mall, etc.

Busy morning. Doctor appointment and visit with Lori for a haircut.

Enjoy your day!


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