I’m back!

What a wonderful feeling!

A new game plan. The blog will be published daily for 3-4 weeks. Then to podcasting also. Three podcasts a week. One to 3 blogs per week also.

The past 2 months have been hell. I temporarily stopped doing the blog in preparation for my parathyroid surgery in Tampa July 13. Late in June, I fell down the stairs. Fractured 2 vertebrae. Hospital, 4 day stay at Lisa’s, pain for 10 days. The pain excruciating!

The parathyroid surgery went well, except the outcome not as anticipated. Could be some problems down the line.

I was home a week recovering from the surgery when my right ankle swelled to the size of almost 2 soft balls. Pain. As bad as the fractured vertebras. Difficult to walk. A potassium problem. I am on a heavy daily dosage of potassium. It has been a month. Pain and swelling gradually reducing. Swelling down to one soft ball. Pain down to 10 percent. Doctor says another 4 weeks and ankle will be ok.

Whatever, I am finally back! Thrilled!

My maladies kept me confined to home, with few exceptions. Walking and driving next to impossible.

My few home departures revealing. Key West quiet. Duval has many empty stores. Restaurants and bars with limited service. Help the problem.

Hotels expensive. Rediculously so.

Grandson Robert left for college friday. His first classes today at Florida State. Excited! A new world is opening to him. Ally is a high school senior. She begins college next year. Which will mean a whole new world for Lisa and Corey.

Corey spent more than 30 years at Mel Fisher. Corey became a world respected expert re Spanish wrecks and slave ships. He has moved on to another position.

Tom Hambright has been the beloved Monroe County historian for 36 years. He retired. Corey has replaced him as Historian. Corey and Robert starting new careers at the same time.

Many who are not targets of an investigation nevertheless seek to avoid subpoenas. Lindsay Graham being the most recent example. Such should not be the case, especially where the individual is an elected official and not a target. These individuals are taking advantage of the court system and its built in delays to avoid testifying.

The law should be adjusted to prohibit elected officials under such circumstances to avoid giving testimony. The alternative is always available for them to take the Fifth Amendment if they have something to hide.

Formal religion has been on the downslide the past 40 years. Churches consolidating and/or closing. People either practicing religion in their minds and homes or abandoning religion entirely.

People need to believe. In something or someone. It is an inherent need. Trump has replaced God for many. Most of his followers cultists. He is their new God.

God help us.

I went out for the first time in weeks last week. Fran and Tom Dixon were in from Buffalo. We met by prearrangement at the Chart Room. First time in at least a year I was there.

John bartending. Steve Thompson came down when he heard I was in.

It was good to see them. I missed my Chart Room family.

Steve brought with him some notes he has put together regarding Key West in the 1970s. An addition to materials he provided me a yar ago. Great tidbits re Key West. His historical recollections are first hand. He lived them.

I will occasionally share one with you.

Today’s share concerns Mamoo. First time I heard the name. Mamoo a 1970s character.

Mamoo hung out on lower Duval. He was the one always having a ball. He had an Aussie accent and wore a sarong. That’s a skirt from the waist that hangs long. He was always around, he never went far.

He 86ed from Sloppy’s for handstands on the bar. It would have been ok and they wouldn’t care if he only had been wearing underwear.

He came to Steve’s taco stand every day. He wanted his burrito made a certain way. Extra everything with sour cream. A whole half pound with beef and bean. We called it the Mamoo Special and it was a big hit. If you were on Duval in the 70’s, you probably tasted it. That one item turned out to be gold. In all, over a million were sold.

Jean and Joe Thornton are in town. My ankle has prevented me from seeing them yet.

I’ve made it to Geiger Key twice in the last 2 months. Like the place. The setting perfect. Like being in the quiet middle of wetlands.

News reports indicate an extra large influx of Cubans. Most caught and returned. Several of their boats have found a final resting place at Geiger Key’s docks. Why, I don’t know.

They are interesting to see. How people can endanger their lives and those of their families is difficult to understand. Drowning is as certain as reaching the Keys. It is worth a trip to Geiger Key to see the boats. Food for thought in many respects.

Jean Thornton worries about everyone. Like me during my recent days of infirmity.

Captain Peter, aka British Peter, one of her recent concerns. She has telephoned her concerns to me recently via telephone.

Peter supposedly now living in the Melbourne area. Does not answer his phone. Even his family does not know where he is.

Peter is on in his years. I am 87. I would guess he is around my age.

Steve and Cindy Thompson have been in Melbourne this past week. They found Peter. He is ok. Problem is he has a new telephone. He is having difficulty learning how to work it. Sounds like me.

Anyhow, Jean and everyone else happy Peter is alive and well.

A couple of brief comments re Steve and Cindy Thompson. Husband and wife forever.

Steve visited Key West for the first time in 1972. He came down full time in 1974. He lived the Key West life in its hey day. Knew everyone and everyone knew him.

Met and married Cindy. A charming couple even today.

Cindy had her own Key West life. She was Jimmy Buffett’s assistant for 23 years.

So much for my first blog. Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. May I be the first to welcome you back! I’ve missed you over the last few months. Perhaps one day soon we’ll get together in the Chart Room for that long-awaited drink.

    Kokomo Man

    • Sandi has been an extreme right wing wacko troll on Lou’s blog for many years, frequently using different names.

      Suck up much Sandi?

  2. Sorry to hear of your health issues, but glad you’re on the mend and SO glad you’re back on the blog!! We’ve missed you!!

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