America excited! Returning to space!

Artemis I was to launch from Cape Canaveral this morning. Mechanical problems caused the flight to be cancelled. The flight has been rescheduled to friday or monday. Which day yet to be decided.

No reason to be disappointed. Better safe than sorry. Artemis is a multi billion dollar undertaking. Thirty two stories high. Though crewless for this its initial flight, explosion damage could extend for miles. Who knows how many might be killed or injured.

Explosions always a possibility. I recall 36 years ago on January 28, 1986. Space Shuttle Challenger launched. Seventy three seconds into the flight, it exploded. All 7 crew members were killed.

Great golf yesterday! The final round of the Fed Ex Cup. The winner to receive $18 million.

Rory McIlroy beat Scottie Scheffler by one stroke. McIlroy was 6 strokes behind Scheffler at the start of the round. He bogied the first hole. Persevered, however. Went on to win in a dynamic match.

McIlroy’s play even more interesting. The coming from behind to win on the last day part of it. On the first hole the first day, McIlroy triple bogied the first hole. Bogied the second hole.

Treated myself to dinner afterwards. Hogfish. Crowd so so.

Steve Thompson wrote about the Thorntons and Hurricane Irma. The Thornton home in Birmingham became the safety haven for 5 Key Westers during Irma.

Jean and Joe Thornton live in Birmingham. They come to Key West whenever they can.

I heard a story about them I would like to share.

It was just before the hurricane Irma scare. The Keys issued a mandatory evacuation. Many old Conchs say that doesn’t apply to them.

A friend from the Chart Room said it came up so fast there was no time to prepare and he wouldn’t last. So he headed to the mainland and rented a room, hoping to be home soon. The phone almost immediately rang and once again…..mandatory evacuation.

He headed north with half of Florida and every place was packed. He had to keep driving, there was no turning back. He called Jean and she said come. We’re having a hurricane party and it will be fun.

He said he was welcomed with love and open arms. He will never forget their hospitality and charms. 

Jean was involved with Mel ‘s Treasure Salvors since the mother lode. She personally found some of the first gold.

Ernest Hemingway is often quoted. His words fit many present day persons and situations. Here is one that fits the Donald: “You can wipe out your opponents. But if you do it unjustly, you become eligible for being wiped out yourself.”

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