My father was born April 10, 1914. He died 10 years ago at age 98.

Donna and my Dad have the same birthday. April 10. We discussed it at lunch last week.

I spent some time saturday (April 9) thinking about my Father, our experiences, etc.

I never thought of him sunday the 10th. Just plain forgot! I forget a lot these days.

Lynda Frechette reminded me. She e-mailed me yesterday. Remembered my Dad in her blog. Also mentioned that Donna and Dad shared the same birthday.

I think I was a good son. It’s the aging. My father forgot a lot as he got older.

Physical problems can be genetic. I have a few of my father’s physical problems also. Among them, aortic valve and parathyroid tumors.

Happy birthday, Dad! Better late than never. Tell Mom I love her too.

The final day of the Masters got exciting on the back 9.

Twenty six year old Scottie Scheffler won. Things got close. Cameron Smith made a run for it. Till he put his ball in the water and took a couple of extra putts on the same hole.

The Masters was Scheffler’s 4th win in his last 6 starts. He was #1 ranked before the Masters and obviously still is.

He earned $2.7 million by winning the Masters.

Tiger Woods finished all four days. A feat! He did not score well. Not important, however. Finishing was. His body appeared beat up when he completed the final round yesterday. He was walking as if in pain.

Strange things happen.

A baby seal was found wandering in a traffic circle in Southampton.

My first thought was the seal was a pet of one of the rich and famous who have homes in the Hamptons and had wandered away. Not the case. Seals are common in the Hamptons in the “human season,” the summer time.

I have spent many occasions in the Hamptons. Sailed in and lived on the boat. Drove in and spent a few days in a hotel. Never saw a seal, never heard anyone talking about them.

Turns out they are commonplace summers. They follow certain fish north and enjoy them for meals. This seal apparently came north a little early.

I live and learn.

Ligri Payyappilly is a Catholic nun helping in Ukraine. Originally from India. The Sister operates a shelter for 75 women and children and 50 elderly at her convent at Mukacaevo in western Ukraine.

She reports war hit Ukraines are hungry and frustrated. Russian soldiers loot their homes for food and rape the women. Sister says the Ukraines so attacked are “hungry, angry and frustrated.”

Trump loses most of the lawsuits he brings. I suspect for two reasons. His cases stink. They are without basis. The other he has a reputation of rarely paying his attorneys. As is commonplace in all areas of endeavor, you get what you pay for.

Trump recently brought a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats for alleged false statements made during the 2016 election. Trump says Clinton, etc.’s representations that Trump and Russia were involved together were false.

Trump sued the case in Florida. I assumed because he now lived in Florida. Appears not to have been the case.

The case was assigned to Federal District Court Judge Middlebrooks. He has been a federal judge 25 years.

Trump’s sole ground for seeking the Judge’s recusal was that he was nominated to the federal bench by then President Bill Clinton.

Judge Middlerbrooks has issued his decision re the recusal request. In a most judicious way, Middlebrooks referred to Trump as a moron, without using the word. Two reasons exemplify Middlebrooks’ reasoning.

Trump filed the lawsuit in the Fort Pierce Division. Only one federal judge sits in the Fort Pierce Division. As a result, other judges are routinely assigned to handle his load.

The sole judge was nominated by Trump in 2020. Talk about “judge shopping!”

Typical of Trump. Always expecting judges he appointed to do what he wants. He forgets some do have a sense of honor and ethics.

It was a role of the dice so to speak that caused the case to end up before Middlebrooks.

In support of Trump’s motion to recuse Middlebrooks, his attorneys cited 4 cases as authority for Trump’s position. Turns out one of the cases actually supported a denial of Trump’s request.

Trump probably retained the services of a less than careful attorney. He got what he paid for. Assuming he paid anything at all.

I love it!

Enjoy your day!


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