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Originally posted in December 2021


A two hour meeting yesterday via internet between Biden and Putin. The issue the Ukraine.

I had two feelings prior to the meeting and interestingly the two remained following the meeting.

First, I had a fear of another Munich. Chamberlain’s peace in our lifetime. Such would cause Biden to back down from his tough position in the meeting. He would give something to Putin to satiate him.

Putin would have won. Won and ready to “fight” another day in another place because he believes he has the U.S. on the run.

Second, the Cuban missile crisis. War was in the air. Seemed inevitable. Kennedy figured a way to  handle it. Causing Khrushchev to blink at the last moment. Who will blink first re the Ukraine?

Putin’s position simple yesterday. Either the U.S. and NATO provide Russia with “legal guarantees” that the Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for response that can threaten Russia – or we (Russia) will go in and guarantee it ourselves.

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt in a piece in The Morning Newsletter today wrote: “Foreign aggression often gives political leaders a chance to rally nationalistic support at home, especially as a distraction from domestic problems. And Russia has domestic problems, like surging COVID-19 cases, slow growing wages, and rising prices. Last year, opposition groups held some of the largest anti-Putin marches in years.”

Leonhardt went on that the U.S. does not have united support for the war and united support would not be there in the event the U.S. gets involved.

Militant groups in the U.S. would not rally to the flag. Rather, would side with Russia. Providing Russia with the benefit of “insurgent guerrilla forces” on U.S. soil.

Leonhardt wrote that shots are already being intermittently exchanged between Russia and the Ukraine: “The two sides exchanged fire from machine guns and grenade launchers yesterday. International diplomats worry the skirmishes could offer Putin a pretext for invasion.”

Without actually fighting a war against Russia, Leonhardt indicated “Biden still has options. The U.S. could increase its military support to the Ukraine, which could make a potential invasion bloodier and more costly for Russia. (The U.S. is pursuing a related strategy in Taiwan.)”

Additionally, Biden and other European nations can increase “economic measures.” Severe sanctions.

Russia has serious economic problems already. It could not maintain an all out war very long.

In the back of my mind always sits the final consideration. A U.S./Russia war would mean the extermination of both countries. Nuclear devastation on a major scale. I am sure Biden does not want such. I have to believe neither does Putin.

Following is a Matt Gaetz scenario. Read it and draw your own conclusions. If Republicans take control of the House next year, this is what will occur based on Gaetz’s own words.

Gaetz envisions an extremist Republican takeover of House oversight: “We are going to take power after this next election and when we do, it’s not going to be the days of Paul Ryan and Trey Gowdy and no real oversight and no real subpoenas…..It’s going to be the days of Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Paul Gosar and myself doing everything.”

I contine advising the U.S. judicial system is antiquated. Needs a complete overhaul.

A perfect example the trial date set by a federal judge in the Bannon case: July 18, 2022.

No way that date will be helpful to the January 6 Committee. It is too close to the November elections.

There is a wackiness in the way the judge selected the trial date. He asked the prosecution what they wanted. They said no later than April 15. The defense said mid October.

The judge in a Solomonic fashion split the “baby” down the middle. He scheduled the trial date between the dates suggested. A compromise!

Compromise no way to run this case. Time is of the essence. He should have “fast tracked” it to 2-4 weeks hence.

It never fails. Justice delayed is justice denied. The American people are entitled to a complete expose with regard to the January insurrection. July 18 is too late to be helpful to the January 6 inquiry.

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote in his column this morning titled “The Age of Creative Minority” an observation re white evangelical Protestants. He wrote, “White evangelical Protestants are down to about 15 percent in the country. They vote for people like Donald Trump because they feel like strangers in their own land, oppressed minorities fighting for survival.”

To the 15 percent I say: Welcome to the club!

Armanda Gorman. No one knew of her till Inauguration day January 20. Her poetry stunned America. Such brilliance. And from a lady only 22 years old.

In 11 months, her fame has skyrocketed.

She was asked how she felt about her rise to fame: “It felt like I was kind of shot out of a cannon.”

Key West’s Lighted Boat Parade 8 pm saturday. Starting point Schooner’s Wharf.

One terrific Christmas show. Fifty/sixty boats decorated for the holiday. Large and small. People partying on the boats and on shore. Food and drinks. The larger vessels, live music and dancing.

Exciting! I know. I have done it many times.

Omicron has found its way to Florida. Two cases so far. One in Tampa and the other in St. Lucie County.

Both victims hospitalized. Information re whether vaccinated not yet available.

Beatle John Lennon shot to death outside his New York City apartment building this day in 1980.

Crazies never leave us. Thoughtless killings part of every generation. Increasing in number this generation.

Eighteen year old Kyle Rittenhouse continues to be the man of the hour.  His tongue as loose as his trigger finger was the day of the shootings.

He has become ballsy. His most recent tirade against LeBron James.

At issue, the tears he wept while testifying.

During a recent TV interview he replied “fuck you LeBron” after LeBron had mocked his tearful moment in a Twitter comment last month.

LeBron was asked about Kyle’s tears. He responded, “What tears?…..That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

Definitely going out tonight. First a manicure. Then meeting Jean Thornton at the Chart Room followed by dinner somewhere.

Enjoy your day!

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