COVID cases are on the rise. Like a roller coaster. Up and down. Every time it appears the virus has been beaten, it returns.

The New York Times reports as of sunday, 31 new cases had been recorded nationwide. A 3 recent increase over the previous 2 weeks.

Philadelphia one of the communities hit. City officials are not going to delay this time. The City has reinstituted indoor mask wearing in public places. The rule goes into effect 4/18.

The new COVID White House czar Ashish Jha issued a statement that the country should not be “excessively concerned” at the moment.

American universities are becoming so, however. Better safe than sorry. Many are reinstating mask mandates.

The female oracle of wisdom Marjorie Taylor Greene defends January 6 because “it only happened one time.”

I murder someone. Do I get off because “it only happened one time?”

I rape a woman. Do I lack in responsibility because “it only happened one time?”

I had sex with a child. Do QAnon and the courts find such acceptable because “it only happened one time?”

As far as Greene is concerned, anyone’s first crime gets a don’t go to jail card.

I do not believe my hypotheticals fly because of Greene’s statement. She only wants January 6 wrongdoers to get the don’t go to jail card.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump recently testified willingly before the January 6 Committee. At first, I thought it was to save their asses from the tsunami that may follow.

I have now changed my mind as to the why.

It was announced yesterday what I assume Jared and Ivanka knew was coming: Saudi Arabia was committing $2 billion to fund Jared’s fledgling investment fund.

The Saudi monies come from a fund led by the Saudi Crown Prince. Jared’s very good friend.

A Panel screens investments made by Saudi’s leading Prince. The Panel did not approve of the investments.

The Prince overruled the Panel.

Leaves me with a concern as to why. Raises the question in my mind also as to whether any portion of the money will find its way into Donald’s pocket.

Other concerns.

Jared will receive $25 million a year for managing the fund. It will not mater whether the fund made any money.

Jared has no experience in investment funding. His experience, for whatever it is worth, is in real estate.

The Prince’s investment fund acquired 28 percent of Jared’s investment fund. In other words, the $2 billion bought them a 28 percent interest in Jared’s business.

Amazing! Jared’s new company which has nothing picks up $2 billion and Jared gets a guaranteed $25 million a year for his personal use.

Rocky Mountain, Virginia police officer Thomas Robertson was convicted by a federal jury for his role in the January 6 riot. Guilty of multiple charges including obstruction of Congress on January 6 as Congress was to count Electoral College votes.

Proof during the trial included harmful footage of the mob Capitol scene and testimony from a co-defendant who once served with Robertson on the Rocky Mountain police force.

A touch of the Keys.

Renovation of the Old Seven Mile Bridge complete. The old part had been retained when the new one built years ago. It became a place for people to walk, ride bicycles, etc. Best for standing along a rail people and water watching.

The renovation took 7 years.

Tuesday again. Comes around swiftly each week.

This evening at 9 Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A quick half hour of me ranting and raving about what occurred the past week.

Join me in this interesting blog talk radio show. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

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  1. Thanks ‘Whatever,’ appreciate your right wing “hate” messages. It reminds us all once again, why America is in so much trouble/

  2. We need more good guys with guns to ride the NYC subways to help counter any more angry idiots from Arizona with guns from shooting all those innocent people with guns who ride public transit. More guns is what is needed, anybody can see that’s the answer.

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