There are certain givens in any community. In Key West, chickens and cats.

There are certain givens in any community. In Key West, chickens and cats. Chickens running up and down the streets. There are also an unusually large number of cats. The reason is the rodent problem.

Any island is encumbered with rats/mice/rodents. Whatever you wish to call them. Key West is no exception. You hardly ever see them. However, they are there.

Common wisdom tells us that if there is a living cat in the house, the rodents stay away. I do not have a cat.

Friday night I was sitting at the kitchen counter working on the computer. I began hearing a whinny scratchy noise. It got louder. It was coming from a closet in the kitchen. Sounded like mice.

Understand that I am a coward. No way would I open the closet door to check. Instead, I called Adam. Adam takes care of my property. Mice removal falls within his job definition.

Adam came by yeaterday morning to check. No mice or rodents of any nature visible. A couple of new holes heading to the crawl space under the house, however. The mice probably came and went.

I told Adam of the shrill noise I had heard. It was like scratching on metal.

My only use for the small closet is to store wine. There is a metal wine rack. There were roughly a dozen bottles sitting in the rack.

Adam told me my nocturnal visitors had tried to get into the wine. Every bottle had the paper covering torn away. Every bottle had the cork chewed in  some fashion.

The dirty things were trying to get at my wine collection!

Adam left traps in case the vermin return.

I babysat yesterday morning. Early. At least for me. 8:30. I had told Robert and Ally we were going to breakfast. I left the place up to them. They have been everywhere. They decided upon Harpoon Harry’s. We had a great breakfast. No child portions at Harpoon Harry’s. Robert ate 3 stacks of pan cakes. Ally eggs, bacon, potatoes and whole wheat toast. They order for themselves. I drank coffee. Still not chewing.

We had a good time! Talked the whole time.

Afterwards, we walked the waterfront. They like to look at the boats. They have been there many times with their Dad. Robert pointed to a boat in the distance and told me it was a glass bottom boat. So people could see under the water. We walked over and examined the boat. Robert was correct. It was a glass bottom one.

Last night was Geiger Key. I have not been to Geiger Key in ten years. I stopped going because the customers all seemed to live on Geiger Key. They were snooty and clickish. I was an outsider who never was given the opportunity to become one of the gang. Geiger Key is the only place in the keys where I have found this attitude.

I gave it a shot last night. Several people recently have told me how great it is. Friendly, also.

Bobby Mangella (I probably spelled his last name wrong) bought Geiger Key last year. Bobby also owns Hogfish, one of my favorite spots. Bobby did some remodeling and changed the menu to coincide with Hogfish.

It was different! People were nice. Everyone talked with each other. A couple of my fishermen friends from Hogfish were there. I had a good time. The food, a given. Good.

It is raining this morning. A slow steady drizzle.

The weather has gone back to being fantastic. Low 80s by day. 70s by night. No humidity day or night. No need for air conditioning. Sleep with the windows open. The only thing that might interrupt my sleep is the sound of the water.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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