Key West Lou You Tube Show Soon

The weather!


Yesterday started out lovely. Then the weather turned. Rain. Rain all night. Rain this morning.

It has been 4-5 days of rain.

The rain this morning is wind driven. It is moving horizontal rather than vertical. Sharp and biting.

There are waves in the ocean. Larger than normal. White caps besides. Moving rapidly.

Son in law Corey tells me that the front that came up from the south a few days ago is sitting over Key West. It is a black cloud that does not move.That is why the weather is as it is.

In spite of all this, the temperature will reach 80 today.

Sloan and I spent a lot of time yesterday morning working on the optimization of this blog. All the work! Amazing!

A major change is forthcoming. It excites me. Thrills me no end.

Sometime next week I shall have my own You Tube show!

Many of you are unable to view my Friday internet show at KONK because of work. The new You Tube show will be broadcast daily. Seven days a week. It will generally only be 2-5 minutes. Where my KONK show has about 15 topics in one hour, You Tube will have but one. A hard hitting fast moving topic.

The nice thing about You Tube is that it will be available for viewing 24 hours a day.

I shall continue doing my Friday one hour KONK show in addition.

Dinner last night with Lisa and the family. It was Sunday. Mashed potatoes and gravy for me. I am getting sick of my diet. Man was made to chew and taste individual foods. Not lump them all together as I am with one foreign flavor. Tomorrow is dentist time. I believe, I hope, I will be chewing afterwards. I am dying for a steak!

This afternoon a fashion show. Robert and Ally are in one at Montessori. It has to do with recycling. The kids have to make their costumes. Even accessories. All from recylced materials.

Robert is going to be a knight. He did it all. Shield included. Ally is a princess. Ever so. Made her own skirt and jewelry. Both can recite every part of their costumes as to the origin of each part.

Robert and Ally are excited excited. Isn’t redundancy terrific!

There is one problem. The fashion show is outside. Who knows what the weather will be at 1:30.

I told you of my mouse/mice problem. I don’t know if Adam was successful in catching them. However, I have heard no noise for 48 hours.

I read this morning that 84 percent of the households in the United States have experienced pest problems in the past 12 months. Those in the pest control business have experienced a sharp incline in business.

It comforts me to know I have company with this rodent problem. It is not one which people brag about. Ergo, who knew the extent of the problem.

Enjoy your day!

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