Good morning world!

Good morning world! Another lovely Key West day in the making. I woke this morning with a fiery orange ball confronting my eyes. Bright. I had to turn away. It was the rising sun.

In recent days, I have spent much time  at home. Generally writing. Yesterday was that way. A good part of the day was spent on Friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Interesting material. The show is easy to put together. The world about us is crazy. Every week more and more of the unbelievable occur. I merely report the happenings. With a comment or two, of course.

This week’s show will include the high school valedictorian who is facing deportation in Florida, Muslims burning a Catholic Church in Sudan, toxic tushes, an update on the Ladies Lingerie League, and the best of all…..a new Arizona law that says conception begins the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle.

The last item re the new Arizona law is really crazy. In effect it says that a person exists even before the egg and sperm unite. Even before the sex act was performed.

My Internet talk show can be found at Friday mornings. Ten o’clock my time. Join me for a fast moving hour of life today.

Amongst other things yesterday, I published a new article to my Amazon Kindle blog. Key West Lou Law. It is called Santa Claus And Guns. Kids sitting on Santa Claus’ lap with all kinds of sophisticated guns behind Santa. Happened in Arizona the past two years. The same state that decreed life begins the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period.

One of the things that bothered me about the Santa and guns story is the advertisement which resulted in a standing line crowd: “Get your holiday pictures with Santa and his machine gun.”

Donna posted a lengthy comment to yesterday’s blog. She and Terri went to a Hollywood party. They ended up watching a movie. An old B film. Stella Stevens was at the party. I remember her. The wacky girl friend in the first Poseidon movie. Also the Asian boy from 16 Candles. I do not recall him. However, loyal reader Moto did and commented on him.

Bocce tonight. It will be the first time in three weeks that I will have ventured out to play. I look forward to it. Fun, people and a drink or two.

Ryno is returning! A great guy. He left Key West last year for Syracuse. Missed Key West. Calls it home. Ryno was my teacher when I started doing my radio show. Glad he is returning.

Enjoy your day!

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