The first time…..

The first time…..

My friend Anna wrote me from Milan this morning.

Italy is celebrating an annual holiday today. She referred to it as a Freedom Feast. It celebrates a time during World War II when the Germans had been substantially driven out of Italy. Today’s date commemorates that event. April 26, 1945.

Anna was five years old at the time. She was living in Novara, a town about 30 miles from Milan. The American troops came through. Tanks, jeeps, soldiers on foot. The whole works. The liberators.

Anna ran out of her house to see them up close. The soldiers were throwing chocolate and gum to the people.

Anna had neither seen nor tasted chocolate and gum up to that time.

She recalls the sweetness of the chocolate. The pink of the gum.

Anna had no idea what gum was. She swallowed it.

The things we take for granted were unknown to a five year old that day. Lets hope that none of our five year olds ever share a similar experience.

Spent most of yesterday working on Friday’s Internet show. Sloan joined me in the evening and we worked further on spreading Key West Lou to more followers.

I have not done the show in two weeks. Because of my dental problems. I look forward to returning. The topics will include the column I wrote for this week’s KONK Life about eyeless shrimp and clawless crabs in Gulf waters due to the BP aspill.

There will be a bit on the Catholic Church. My Church. The Church is bending far right and supports many of the recent anti-female venom. Most recently the Vatican ordered the U.S. Bishops to step on the nuns in this country. There are 55,000 nuns. They have openly come out against the Church’s position on many feminist issues. The nuns are not listening to Rome. Their attitude is don’t tread on us.

Plus more interesting topics currently impacting our lives.

Vincent Zito is a well known man about town. A very much respected Key West person.

Some thirteen years ago, Vincent started the Key West Pops. He was its leader, its motivator and its director. He was the man up front waving the baton.

The Key West Pops was a class operation that presented class shows. Always the highest level of performance.

Vincent announced this week that the Pops was closing down. The reason economics.

Vincent and the Pops went out with the same class that both showed over the yeasrs. The Pops left no debt. Vincent was proud to say that as the doors closed, all bills had been paid.

Key West will miss Vincent and his Pops.

It was 76 and cold yesterday in Key West. Don’t laugh. That cold front off the ocean is still lingering.

This morning is bright and sunny. There is a wind however. That same wind that has been affecting us the past several days. I am wearing a sweat shirt.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi,
    Life on the west coast is already very interesting! Last night we went to visit an old friend of Terri's, John O' actor, many TV shows including Law and Order, etc. he had other friends of Terri's there as well including Getty..Getty was the Asian boy in 16 Candles and also played the Japenese Factory manager in a Michael Keeton movie called Gung Ho! What lovely people! If you are old enough, you will remember Stella Stevens, who was in Poisiden Adventure…she also was in attendance and we all watched an old B movie of hers! It was a hoot.
    Continuing to unpack and starting a cooking marathon for the rehearsal period. We will bring our lunch!
    No Chef BoyRDee for us!
    Missing you as all ways.
    The Lesbian Wives

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