Dick Clark is no longer with us. Not quite true. What he started, established, will be with us forever.

Two little known things about Dick Clark.

First, he was a Syracuse University graduate. I am partial to Syracuse.

Second, Dick Clark’s television career began in my home town, Utica, New York. Late 1940s to early 1950s. He was a TV announcer. He was not Dick Clark then. His name was Dick Clay.

Clark grew up in the Utica area. He started working radio first in one form or another in 1945 at radio station WRUN. His uncle owned the station. His father managed it.

Utica lived locally with Clark via his work in those times. Times covering my grammar and high school years. Then the world lived with him via American Bandstand.

Clark had an important life. He left his mark on American music. Fifty years from now, people will still be talking about him.

May he rest in peace.

No Internet show tomorrow. The Key West Lou Legal hour will not be seen for the second week in a row. My ongoing dental work prevents it. KONK will rerun one of my earlier shows. Listen in anyhow, you may have missed it. I will return next week. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Donna and Terri.That telephone call I reported yesterday actually came a day earlier. I got screwed up.

Donna telephoned again yesterday morning. They are really moving at this point. They expected to arrive at the Grand Canyon in the afternoon. In the evening, they would begin a two night stay in Vegas.

Not a bad trip!

I published yesterday another article on Amazon Kindle. The column is known as Key West Lou Law. The article was entitled Mexican Flag Yes / American Flag No. It has to do with what I consider a bad federal court decision in California.

Mexican and American high school students constantly fight. Each side portrays its country’s flag by carrying one and wearing them on their tee shirts. The decision said it was ok for the Mexicans to do so, but not the Americans. Mexican flags yes. American flags no.

Why do some court decisions take us further away from our basic values and rights?

I must say again something I have in writing and on the air  for the past few years. America for Americans! Our way or the highway!

Moto, my friend. You are ill.

Moto has been a loyal blog reader it seems forever. He comments frequently. He reported yesterday some stomach problems, testing, and more testing today. Thinks it might be gall bladder. Whatever, I wish you good luck. My prayers are with you.

It is all part of the aging process. Some body part breaks down occasionally. As long as the problem is fixable, care not. If repair is not possible, then worry.

I see the dentist this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou be the man….alittle down, but in no way out…..thanks for the well wishes and right back at ya…..today was clear with the cat scan…wish the tech coulda hit my vein on the first time….no one else[medical] ever had a problem….1 liter of barium in addition to iv iodine dye…..guess it's payback for all the GI studies I've done on dogs and cats….tomorrow 7:15 AM…MRI with contrast…has been added in to the already scheduled DESIDA nuclear dye study…..with the lovely weather I could have done anything else…..otherwise, i'm in great shape for the shape i'm in…..again thank you kind sir. Moto

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