I have spent 8 consecutive nights in. I have to get out!

Definitely tonight! I will just speak slower than usual and with less exuberance.

I plan on having a couple of drinks also.

This blender way of eating is not too bad. There is a definite side benefit. I have lost 11 pounds in 8 days. I agree, not healthy. But I needed it. I have roughly another week with my blender. If the weight loss continues, it will be a WOW!

Interestingly, I do not watch what I throw in the blender. I cook a meal as I normally would. Chop it up. Throw it in the blender. And drink away!  I am mixing everything. Protein, carbs and I know bad foods.

Dentist visit yesterday morning. This has been a long  and at times horrendous process. I thought I would have only one more visit after yesterday. Such is not the case. There are several more.

Conch Republic Days start today. A ten day festival. All kinds of fun parties and fun things to do. Like tomorrow’s Drag Race down Duval and in one week the Bloody Battle for secession.

I have been in the process of optimizing, etc. Key West Lou. It works. I have so many more readers. However, it is excruciatingly painful. Things keep happening that should not. Like I wanted to put a picture in somewhere on FB Fan of a party I threw about 8 years ago. My friend Gus from Utica was there. It was a hell of a party! As the photo evidences. It ended up in  the wrong place labeled as if taken the day before. Same thing happened with a photo of me and my lesbian wives which was taken about a year ago.

In due course, everything will smooth out. It is like my teeth, however. There is always something else to be done, to be corrected.

Tonight the streets of Key West. I hope I remember my way.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Tests over…meet with my GP at 3:45 to discuss….so far all look negative….bought 2 nice bottles of merlot and a case of large bottles of Tito's vodka….in case you weren't aquainted…..vodka made in small batches in the great state of Texas….a 95 rating BTW…..no I'm not a problem drinker…I have no problem drinking…it is frequently out of stock…when available…buy….have a great weekend and continue to enjoy those meat malteds as long as you need to. Moto

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