I just saw the sun rise. A bright yellow ball behind a blanket of gray clouds. Beautiful.

I watched the sun rise from my bed. I am lucky. I can watch the sun rise from anywhere in Key West, including my bed. My bed looks out over the ocean through two glass sliding doors. I slept with the doors open last night. When I woke, the sun was creeping over the horizon.

Spent yesterday in. Much of it spent in bed. Some TV, some writing. Did a bit of reading, also. A new book. Drift by Rachel Maddow. It is about the United States being constantly involved in wars of late. I am not sure I like it yet. It is the writing style. Loaded with detail. Perhaps too much for my me. We shall see.

I look terrific. I have not shaved since Wednesday. My mouth appears a bit strange. I cannot chew. Which means I cannot bite.

I was supposed to attend Larry Smith’s show at St. Paul’s at 4 today. No way. Sorry, Larry. I had two ladies accompanying me. Jenna and Jean. A big night!  Larry and dinner afterwards. Gone!

Those of you who are local, go see and hear Larry’s show. I am sure it will exude his usual greatness.

Blending is not so bad. Last night I had a shrimp cocktail. I threw a dozen cooked shrimp on a bed of ice in the blender. Covered the shrimp with cocktail sauce. A bit of water. Voila! Shrimp cocktail! The night before I had a ham sandwich. A bed of ice covered with a lot of cold cut ham. Two slices of rye bread. Some mustard. Blended it. Twenty seconds later, a ham sandwich I could drink.

I am not crazy. Just inventive. Necessity is truly the mother of invention!

Today will be lived the same as yesterday. Not my choice.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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