Houses are colorful where I live.

I do not live in Key West itself. I am three islands up. 2.5 miles outside Key West. A hop, skip and jump!

Being landlocked up north, when I purchased a home in Florida it obviously had to be on the ocean. So I settled in Key Haven on the water. Water front homes are very few in Key West. The hotels own most of the ocean front areas.

I can see neighbors’ homes from my deck. There is a bright yellow one. Next to it a pale pink one. Then a light green one. Followed by a tan one. My home is basic in color. White.

Interestingly, very few homes in Key West itself are of color. Most are white.

I spent all of my day time Sunday at home. Read and watched TV.

Decided to go to Lisa’s for dinner. She had made a turkey with all the fixings. I could eat mashed potatoes covered with gravy. Which is exactly what I did! Delicious. No chewing required.

I was in bed early. Wanted to watch Mad Men at 10. Never made it. That is two weeks in a row I have missed the show.

Jenna telephoned last night. Told me Larry’s show was fantastic. A hit! Good going, Larry. Again, sorry I could not attend.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Can feel your pain..just spent 20+ hours with my dentist over the past 2 months…..full mouth restoration….62+ years of grinding at night and having my 2 front teeth cracked in 4th grade… all zirconiun oxide crowns…thankfully no implants needed. Feel better soon. Moto

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