I feel good this morning!

Let the band play and the trumpets roar!

I even slept last night.

Yesterday was not good. All day.

I hope the discomfort is now behind me. The blender is not. It will be with me a dozen more days. I consider the blender my best friend!

I did do one thing yesterday. Wrote next week’s column for KONK Life. My deadline was 5 pm yesterday. I had no choice.

The column concerned itself with oral arguments before the US Supreme Court regarding Obamacare last week. Seems the Court and attorneys involved missed the boat on one key issue. Cost. Everyone assumed there was one expensive cost to each person. Not so. The law provides for three different levels of payment.

Appears they all missed the boat. Appears also that no oned read the entire law. As Justice Scalia indicated from the bench during oral argument…..The law is 2,700 pages…..You don’t expect me to read them all.

The thrust of my column is that no one did their home work on the cost point. A shame.

I spoke three years ago on my radio show about the Lingerie Football League. Ladies play in bra and panties. Don’t recall writing about it.

The news this morning is that the League will not be playing the 2012 season. They are skipping over to 2013.

I  thought some of you might be interested in the information.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The cost is entirely beside the point. The case hinges on the expansion of the commerce clause and if it is appropriate for the congress to compel a citizen to purchase a good or service

  2. Like our mental giant Nancy Pelosi said, we first have to pass it before we can read it.. Well, like I've mentioned, I've read some of it and its one infuriating and boring read.. Its scary as hell whats in it, its not just about health.. And the obama administration has finally come to say that it will cost 3 to 4 times more to administer than previously thought.. Imagine that ! Patrick

  3. Universal healthcare could be so easy, but we must obfuscate everything with our "market" blinders on. Some things in life, such as access to healthcare should be non-negotiable and apolitical. If we can't handle that than perhaps we sell "off the rack" healthcare plans at Wally Marts around the nation…you choose the service level, cost and how much the hospital should "care" about

    If we reduce everything to a market idiom to an absurd level than your marriage should be market-based (cost based ratio on what you get and receive from each other), your kids (adding to the bottom line or not), your religion (easing your way to immortality or not), education (getting you a job to get money to join the capitalist fray and get your cut…or not), etc.

    The problem is that Guvment is all about enriching Guvment politicos and bureaucrats, not doing what is right. That is expected in business and pretty much par for the course in big religion. So there, in a nutshell, is why our "Don't Tread on Me" while I grind on yours nation is screwed up.

    We are all liars and hypocrites, left, right, moderate, independent and idiots as well.

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