Yesterday a work day off and on till about eight o’clock. I had to prepare for Sloan who was going to work with me starting at six.

I did get out in the early afternoon for lunch at Hogfish. Then returned back home to continue working. Enjoyed fish and chips. Hogfish fish. Exceptionally good yesterday.

Donna and Terri are still here. They leave tomorrow after a two month visit. I shall miss them. They are good company. Their visits take the edge off living alone.

Yesterday was Donna’s birthday. I will not reveal her age. But will tell you she is now eligible for Social Security. A big party was planned for last night at La Te Da. The party to start at 9:30. I never made it. I told Donna at six when they were leaving for dinner with Lynda and Bob Frechette first that I would be too tired to clean up and go into town and party. My age affects me on occasion.

The other night as I was walking to Kelley’s, I noticed a new store in the 200 block of Duval. Two doors from Sloppy Joe’s and next to Irish Kevin’s. A Clog store. Nothing but clogs. All kinds and descriptions. The store excited me. I have worn nothing but clogs for five years, with the rare exception of boat shoes. Love them! I have clogs for every season. Summer and winter. The winter ones are fleece lined. Even have golf clogs which I did not like and used only once.

The store should do well. It is in the middle of the busiest block of Duval. It has to do well. The rent is probably $35,000 a month. For real!

I heard from Anna. The superb Italian cook. She had never had wings before her Key West visit. She enjoyed them at Kelley’s. She tried to make wings recently. They did not come out like Kelley’s. She said they lay in her stomach a whole day.

You have heard me mention Larry Harvey. He is the most loved gay person in Key West.

Larry celebrated his 91st birthday last week. This week he is in the hospital. Not well at all. Everyone say a prayer that Larry makes it.

Lynda Frechette is a dynamo. One of her talents is a column she writes advising everyone what is going on in Key West. This morning’s column had what Lynda describes as a pun. I found it to be an interesting one and share it with you…..A hangover is the wrath of grapes.

Bad news yesterday. It was announced that Albertson’s was closing its Key West store April 28.

Presently there are three supermarkets in Key West. Publix, Winn Dixie and Albertson’s. Now there will be two. Albertson’s did a good business. Their prices cheaper than the other two. Sometimes by as much as 30 per cent. The key attraction to Albertson’s besides pricing was that it was open 24 hours and on holidays.

The closing is one of 13 Albertson’s which are being closed through out Florida. There has to be a message here. Probably that the stores were not making money. And further that groceries cannot be delivered as cheaply as Albertson’s had been doing.

Tomorrow is a big dentist day for me. Some gum cutting involved. However the last time I will confront pain in a process which started more than one and a half years ago. This time I will be prepared. I picked up the prescription for the pain killer I will need after the procedure yesterday. I am having it filled at Walgreen’s today. I will be popping a pill immediately when the dentist finishes tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love fausto's and shop there every day. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Europe. I think about what I want to cook in the a.m. and then go buy it at Fausto's.

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