My day time quiet yesterday. Ran some errands. Read the papers and enjoyed a cup of coffee at the Plantation Coffee House. Rested. Otherwise, nothing.

Last night was another story, however.

The evening began as usual at the Chart Room. Lovely Emily bartending.

Captain Peter and Tracey at the bar. I have not seen the Captain in months. It was a pleasure running into him.

Captain Peter lives 2 miles out into the ocean. He moors his boat out there. Motors a rubber dingy back and forth.

The story came up about one of his dangerous trips home recently. It was late at night. As he was getting out of the dingy and onto his boat, he fell into the water. He could not get back into the dingy. The water was cold. About 70 degrees. He tried for two hours. Was feeling chilled and then cold. The thought that he might drown occurred to him.

And then, by act of God or pure luck, a boat came by. Peter yelled and was picked up.

He spent the rest of the evening in his bunk under blankets. He could not shake the cold feeling.

Peter should move his boat closer to shore. Actually tie it up some where around Schooner’s Wharf. Or better yet, become a landlubber.

A couple had come into the Chart Room and were seated to my right. Emily told me they were from upstate New York. We introduced ourselves. The couple was from Jamestown. Somewhere south of Buffalo. Upstate yes, but a four hour drive from my home town Utica.

The couple were John and Kim Ognibene. Both school teachers. John the sixth grade. Kim the first. They have two sons. One has already graduated from the college. The other in his last year.

Their second time in Key West. Last year their first. I suspect they are hooked on Key West. They will be back again next year..

As we were talking, John got excited and asked if I was Key West Lou. He has been reading this blog every day for a year!

Nice guy. A nice couple.

The people I spend a part of my life with each day have become characters in the blog. Emily, Captain Peter and Jean Thornton, for example. It was a pleasure for me to introduce all three to John and Kim. John already knew them from the blog. Wild!

I told Kim she must start reading my blog daily, also. If she can put up kindergarten children, she can certainly handle me.

Then it was over to Don’s Place. I knew Don would be there. It was Wednesday evening. Don plays golf in the morning into the early afternoon. Afterwards, he remains at his bar into the evening.

Don was there. Chatting with David.They are best friends. Rob at Don’s, also.

Don beat me up again regarding bocce and the number of prescribed pills I take. Thinks I should throw the pills out and live! I thought I was doing a good job at it. I appreciate Don’s concern, however.

Met a beautiful and interesting young lady at Don’s. Nikki. Twenty two years old. She had the breath of freshness about her.

Nikki is from West Texas. An artist. Why else Key West. She does Japanese animation. She works with pen and ink.

She is in love. Her boy friend was still at work at Home Depot. Nikki was waiting for him.

Nikki has to eat. She works on the side to support herself while she sketches. Two jobs. Across the street from Don’s at Wingmasters. A small diner type restaurant. She also works part time for a catering company.

Nikki is young. Not afraid of hard work. Has her sight set on her goals. And most importantly, she has the enthusiasm of a twenty two year old.

The world is hers for the taking.

Dentist again this morning. He already warned me I would hurt afterwards. I had my pain prescription filled yesterday.

Enjoy your day! I suspect mine will suck!

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  1. Thank God for Vicodin (or whatever pill you may have) as it saved me after hernia surgery. It also made life more relaxed, despite the stitched incisions near my groin.

  2. Lou, it was nice to finally meet you and chat last night at the Chart Room. We love that place. Good luck today at the dentist. Until next year! John and Kim

  3. About the dentist….mine is amazin….just spent 30 + hours with him over the past 2 months….full mouth restoration….all zirconium oxide crowns….impervious to all insults….look amazin….could blind ya. Will hope some time to be jawin wit ya…Dr Moto

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