Hello world!

Key West is bright and alive this morning! So am I!

To be contrasted with yesterday morning. I never made the egg hunt and breakfast at Lisa’s. I woke tired. Stayed in bed.

The egg hunt turned out to be at sunrise. Robert and Ally could not wait to see what the Easter bunny brought. It was too early for me.

When I finally got up, I realized I had forgotten to buy Easter baskets for the grandkids. I was off to Albertson’s. Albertson’s had a whole aisle of them. All sizes, all prices.

The baskets were lined up on shelves. The top shelf about four feet high. As I was picking at the baskets to decide which one, I committed a grievous error. I somehow knocked a whole shelf of baskets over and onto the floor. About fifteen of them.

It is called embarrassed.

Fortunately, there was a lovely young lady nearby who worked for Albetrtson’s. She came over, gave me a big smile, and said don’t worry. My shame immediately disappeared.

The baskets I selected were terrific. The grankids liked them. Lisa thought they were perfect.

No candy. Just several small toys right for their ages.

Afterwards, I went over to Home Depot. Walked again. One time around the store. I was still tired. Especially my legs.

Then drove to Plantation Coffee House. The Sunday papers!

I was seated across from a man who I sensed was a minister. From his dress. Black shoes, black socks, black pants, white shirt, and black tie. Not normal Key West attire.

He was chatting with Theo, Plantation’s owner. I could not help over hearing. Even participated a bit. The minister was interesting, though I did not always agree with his positions. I was a stranger to the group. Remained silent, except for the few incidental comments I made. I would like to run into the minister again and engage him in depth.

The Masters dominated most of the rest of my day. Great golf! Bubba Watson played extremely well. Some outstanding shots and putts. His emotion afterwards was warm and genuine. His victory is a life  changer for him and his family. The $1 million  plus prize is nothing compared to the endorsements he will contract for over the next few weeks. He will become a millionaire several times over!

Easter Sunday dinner was at Lisa’s, of course. Robert and Ally had been at a birthday party at the beach. They came home in wet bathing suits.Their hair was a mess from the water. Both looked cute!

Once changed, they started skate boarding in the house. They are not there yet. I give it another two days before they will be proficient.

Lisa out did herself as usual. The meal was fantastic. Fish and pasta. I miss the gazzad and sausage pie. Hope I spelled gazzad correctly. They are Easter foods from another life.

Enjoy your day!

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