Happy Easter!

I enjoy holidays. I think it is because when I was young we were less than affluent. As were most at the time. However, on holidays that seemed to change. The food was out of sight. Each child in the family received some small gift.

The Easter gift was a colored Easter egg. Not done as today. My grandmother would boil onions till they were reduced to a brown liquid. She would then place the eggs in the liquid. Voila! Brown Easter eggs.

We egg colored yesterday at Lisa’s. It was supposed to be Robert, Ally and me. However, every one has the child in them. Before we were done, Lisa and Corey had joined the adventure.

I always fear when egg coloring that a cup of coloring is going to spill. Robert and Ally were moving swiftly across the table. Their arms. To mix colors, to change eggs. Disaster in the offing. It never happened.

I was blessed with two women last night. Golden Girl Jean Thornton and Island Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. We had drinks at the Chart Room. Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

A big night for Key West! Tourists all over the place. The Hot Tin Roof was unusually crowded. We were lucky to grab three seats at the bar. At some point, Frankie joined us.

The company and food were good. We were there quite a while.

After dinner, I headed home. The ladies hopped on their bikes and went to Vino’s. I seem to be the only Key Wester who goes home after dinner. For most, it is the start of the evening.

The Easter bunny visits Robert and Ally. He leaves colored eggs and gifts hidden in the bushes in their back yard. The big gift from the Easter bunny this year were skate boards. I do not approve! But then, I am only the grandfather.

Easter dinner later today with Lisa and the family!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Last night, margaritas at Kellys and then hog fish at Cafe Sole with friends.. Everyone have a good Easter.. Patrick

  2. Hope the grandkids equipment for skateboarding includes helmets, just like for bicycling, plus knee and elbow pads!

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