Continued working on friday’s Internet show yesterday morning. Three new topics added. One is why the next Pope may be Latino or Black. Statistics/numbers don’t lie. Another is the media’s improper labeling of Obama’s 13 year old daughter’s Mexican trip as a spring break. The third is some startling revelations about gasoline prices. Things you may not have been aware of.

It was Hogfish again for lunch. Second time this week. Place packed. Ran into TJ. Have known him over 20 years. First Key West person to invite me to a home party. He is now bartending at Antonia’s.

Then to Walgreen’s. More prescriptions. The line was too long and the prices too expensive. I don’t know how people can afford drugs. A rip off. Just like the price of gasoline.

Last night began at Don’s Place. Wanted to be sure I was in the basketball pool. Don does it different. The pool stasrts with the Sweet Sixteen. You pick your team out of a hat. The spread comes into play. Confusing. Just give me my money if I win.

Chatted a while with Don and David. Besides the pool, bocce dominated the conversation. The most important thing in our lives at the moment!

I dined alone at the bar at Hot Tin Roof.

Then home to bed.

This morning I have an eye exam. First one in 7 years. No question I will receive a new prescription.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The price of meds are more than a rip-off. Quick story – my wife had cancer (she is now 10 years cancer free BTW) and had to take nuprigin for a low white blood cell count. At the time 1 380 microgram syringe costs $3,500. Take a drive to Canada the same drug from the same manufacture and from the same lot costed only $400. BTW, there is only 1 company take makes it world wide. It is more like grand theft and the government does nothing about it.

  2. That is free enterprise at work East Egg Bill. The health care system needs reformation and what is derisively termed "Obamacare" is a start but the reality is that health care is a monopoly in this nation. The cartels control the meds and the hospitals and reap the rewards, playing their political cronies with plenty of campaign cash and free market rhetoric to save their scams.

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