Good morning!

Another reminder. I have switched from Friend to Fan on Facebook. I want to be sure that you are receiving me via Facebook since the change. Please check out the new Key West Lou Facebook site. Access is via Key West Lou. Leave me a message or hit LIKE on Facebook so I know you are finding me.

I spent yesterday morning sitting outside in the shade of my home working on friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Discovered some interesting items for discussion on the next show. Like the wacky Pennsylvania family that went totally bare ass in a school parking lot, a breast feeding on airplanes  case settled in favor of mother and baby, Santorum and Catholics, Italian lawyers striking for better pay, a disgusting and offensive bumper sticker, fruit flies being similar to humans when it comes to alcohol, Obama’s 13 year old daughter on spring break in Mexico, and Pope Benedict orders his own personal cologne.

It was work out time at 2 with trainer Courtney Aman. He is working hard on me. I am working hard on me. Is it doing any good? I don’t know.

When I arrived home after working out, Lisa and the grandkids were here. Robert and Ally were swimming like crazy. They love the water. Take after their father Corey who is a professional diver.

Instead of going out last evening, I telephoned Sloan and asked her to come over. I thought the new Facebook page needed work. We spent a couple of hours at it. Still not where I want it. But, we are getting there.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The new Facebook page looking good! I have yet to accept the challenge of the renovations. Hoping to hear a bocce update soon!

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