Change. Always a problem for me. I do not adapt well.

Why the previous comment? I am moving from Friend to Fan on Facebook. If my Facebook page is a bit screwed up today, I apologize. I anticipate everything will be smooth by tomorrow night. That includes my abilities with the new Facebook page.

My first stop yesterday was the Plantation Coffee House. Read the Sunday papers. Enjoyed coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. The bagel and cream cheese outstanding!

Chatted briefly with a lovely lady seated nearby. She is from Puerto Rico. A boater. Came to Key West on her own sail boat. Her features bespoke the trip. Dry deeply tanned skin. Dirty brown unkept hair. A mysterious face.

I enjoyed her brief company.

Spent the afternoon watching basketball and golf. I was disappointed to see Jim Furyk lose. I had the pleasure of meeting Furyk and his family several years ago in upstate New York. A few miles from my home town Utica is an Indian casino. Turning Stone. Five golf courses. Furyk was visiting for a weekend with his family. A nice guy. A regular guy.

Sunday brunch last night with Don and Chris at the Yacht Club. Great people from the Syracuse area. Obviously Syracuse fans. We had a terrific time.

We headed over to the Chart Room after dinner. JJ bartending. Mark of Boston area fame at the bar. Mark had been out with Don and Chris St. Patty’s evening. Mark was still recovering.

I chatted with the couple seated to my left at the bar. Jeff and Mary from Chalflont, Pennsylvania. Jeff is with Merck in research. Mary is retired from Merck research. Happily, she states.

Jeff and Mary have been coming to Key West for 16 years. Two weeks each year. They love Key West! I told them like the rest of us who traveled a similar path, they will ultimately buy here.

I treated the two of them as people sometimes treat me at a cocktail party. People always have questions to ask an attorney.

My prescription purchases have me confused.

An example is Lipitor. 20 mg a day. One tablet. My insurance puts me on the generic. I don’t care. I do care however about cost.

I am paying $41 for a 30 day supply of the generic. Walgreen’s gives me a receipt that says my insurance company is saving me around $151. I researched the generic on the Internet. It costs $15 for a 30 day supply.

Sounds like a screw job here some where. I asked my new found Merck friends if they could explain the situation to me. They tried, but really could not.

I am going to dig into this further.

After my Merck friends left, another couple sat down. Just as I was leaving. The lady was a knockout! A tall slender blonde. Forty at best. A charming smile.

We talked briefly. Asked where she was from. Arkansas, she replied. Bill Clinton country, I responded. She immediately developed a nasty look. She did not like Clinton.

I find it amazing. Most people I meet from Arkansas don’t like Clinton. I do not understand. Setting his sexual miscues aside, I consider him one of the greats.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Clinton, both Bill and Hillary, imho are not honest. Look at the Whitewater scandal. It's indiciative of their character. It was a real estate scheme aimed at the blue collar retiree which sold them land, at an inflated price, and if they were late on a payment, even the last one, the buyer lost everything. Argh! How could a truly moral person do that? Two lawyers could.

    And, the facts were obvious. The media again covered that simple fact up for them.

    A tiger doesn't change his spots. (LOL) So I would trust either of them.

  2. I've read quite a bit about the Clinton White house from personnel regarding how they were treated and the Clintons famous temper tantrums.. I've seen Hilary in action personally ,, disgusting.. Patrick

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