My yesterday was dominated by March Madness. St. Patrick’s Day never came into play.

It was Syracuse and Kansas State at noon. My thinking was Syracuse was going to lose. Without center Fab Melo, Syracuse was in trouble.

Not yesterday.

Syracuse trounced Kansas State 75-59.

It was a strange ball game. The lead changed hands a couple of times in the first half. Syracuse was up 13 points at one time. Syracuse was ahead by only one point at half.

Then came the second half. A totally different game. Syracuse dominated!

Kansas State played without its star center also. Jamar Samuels was declared ineligible just before the game for some reason. Kansas’ substitute center played extremely well in the first half. Seven feet tall. He was killing us. Fortunately, he lost it in the second half.

So it is on to the Sweet Sixteen. Next week Wisconsin.

I had planned to go to Finnegan’s around dinner time to party a bit. However, I wanted to see next week’s opposition. Wisconsin and Vanderbilt were playing at six. I stayed home to watch the game.

It was a tight one. Wisconsin generally had a small lead throughout. Either team could have won. Wisconsin did 60-57.

It will be a good game next week!

I have been despondent regarding Syracuse’s chances since Melo was declared ineligible. I still am. Wisconsin could easily beat Syracuse. For Syracuse to win, they will have to play as they did yesterday in the second half. Otherwise, good bye tournament.

In between games, Lisa came over with the grandkids. Robert and Ally wanted to swim in the pool.

Today is Sunday. I have to get out. Spent the whole day inside yesterday.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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