Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s 9:30 in the morning. I just woke up/got up. Never am I in bed this late. Wow!

Yesterday’s Internet show a hit. Amazing how people have taken to it. Would you believe…..I have viewers now in Thailand and Israel, also.

The topic creating the most comment/controversy yesterday involved ladies’ rights, birth control, abortion, etc. The women are up in arms. A group in Austin, Texas this week formed Liberal Ladies For Lunch. In less than a week, it has spread to Dallas also.

The Ladies for Lunch want their husbands to stand up for them. Openly and publicly. If they do not, they are cutting off sex for one week. From April 28 to May 5. I call that fighting fire with fire!

This lets defecate upon the women problem is several weeks old. The overall comments to the issue during that time have been interesting. Many of the men commenting are of the mind that the women be damned. They are primarily older men. They seem to view their wives and women in general as subservient and chattels. One gent commented that the threat of his wife cutting him off meant nothing. She had not provided him with sex in years.

The Liberal Ladies of Austin may be correct. Time to dig in and fight.

I babysat for a couple of hours yesterday. Took Robert and Ally to I HOP for lunch. We all ate too much! We had a good time! We played tic tac toe while waiting fur lunch to be served. We talked about everything while eating.

I had to hurry home after dropping them off. Needed a water pill. Gained six pounds in 2 days. My ankles were swollen. Could not take the pill earlier. I had the show to do. I would have had to run to the bathroom at each break.

The doctor says take the pill and lie down. It works better if you lie down. I laid down. Lost 5 pounds in three hours.

Last night was the Chart Room first. Emily bartending. A terrific personality!

There was a gentleman from France, Sheila and Mark Olsen. We talked of many things. Corned beef was a big item. How to cook it. Every one knew something. It was interesting.

I met Mark Olsen. He is from the Boston area. Into start up medical supply companies. He knew of Con Med, a Utica med supply company that started over 30 years ago. We had a pleasant discussion. He is staying at the Pier House for another week. I hope to run into him again.

I was in the mood for wings. Only one place to go. Kelley’s! The best wings in Key West! Enjoyed the wings and watched Lehigh beat Duke. I was surprised Duke lost.

At noon today, Syracuse plays Kansas State. The Vegas line favors Syracuse by 5 points. I am not as confident. The game could be Syracuse’s ticket out of the tournament. We shall see.

I was planning on watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Bar. Changed my mind. Too many people will be out and about because of St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, I am going to watch the game from the comfort of my air conditioned bedroom. Don and Chris will be watching at the outside bar at the Casa Marina.

Maybe…..just maybe…..I may go out later to Finnegan’s. A Key West Irish pub. The street is closed off. Green beer and corned beef and cabbage served all day and night. I crave corned beef and cabbage one day a year. This is the day!

I know Don, Chris and Emily will be out and about later today. Most likely at Finnegan’s.

You will recall I missed bocce thursday night. I was exhausted and went to bed. I did not miss much. My team was losing 10-8 in the first game when the deluge came. Rain! Bocce was done for the night. All games will have to be rescheduled.

Donna just chastised me. She had a jewelry show thursday night. I did not go. Even worse,I did not mention it. I mention it now. After the fact. As it turns out, Donna’s show needed no boost from me. She sold many items.

Even when Donna is not in Key West, her jewelry continues to be shown. At the Stone Soup Gallery at 802 White Street. Take a walk and make a visit. Donna’s jewelry is fantastic! Different!

I am done. Sorry the blog is so long this morning. There was much to share.

May Syracuse win!

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Congrats on the Orangemen win!! This may propel them for a couple more, who knows? 🙂

    Great show yesterday, I've got three people in our office who watch & listen as well…You're gettin' big-time!

  2. Suggest "dots" aot tictictoe. More challenging. Do you know the game?

    10 x 10 matrix of dots. Players alternate. Get to connect two dots. No diagonals. Complete a box, initial it, and go again.

    When they grow out of that, allow diagonals and only triangles count.

    My niece-in-law and nephews-in-law were cut throats. Parents said I created monsters of competition. Even the next generation plays.

    Older nephew-in-law told me that was a great idea. He was always bored and had to struggle to beat me. (I never "let" them win. So when they would beat me from time to time, they'd be six feet tall.)

    Just an idea.

    Still think your wrong that we are on women. Go to the near or far east and they are!

  3. I have to agree with John.. I don't see a war against women.. I see men doing more for women as we get older.. After all, men have done everything they could to make women's life easier and equal.. So, I guess you'll have to educate me.. Patrick

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