Show time this morning!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Ten my time. World wide.

Join me for an hour of interesting and eye opening topics. I will be leading off the show with some of Maureen Dowd’s thoughts regarding the female onslaught by certain males of our society.

Yesterday was busy. Very busy. Tired me out before the day was over.

My day started with a haircut. With Lori, of course. She told me Lisa was coming in with the grandkids later for their haircuts. I was sorry I could not wait.

I had a meeting scheduled immediately following the haircut. When business concluded, I went outside to get in my car. It was raining! Pouring! I went back inside and waited till the rain subsided. It stopped after about10 minutes.

My car was parked in a lot about 100 feet from the building. The sun was shining. I starrted walking to my car. About half way there, the skies opened again. The rain came down heavy. Just like that. I got soaking wet!

Later I hit Publix for a few things. Then Walgreen’s.

Three o’clock was coming. Syracuse basketball time. I headed over to the Sports Page Bar.

Don and Chris came rushing in just before the game started. Sweating and huffing and puffing. Their plane from Puerto Rico arrived on time. However, they had trouble getting a taxi from the Casa Marina. Whatever, I was glad to see them.

The game. Heart attack time. The way it has been for the last several games. Syracuse behind, then ties it up, and in the final few minutes draws away for a victory. Tough on mind and soul! Syracuse won by 6-8 points over  the # 16 seed. Without Fab Melo. As I understand it, he is gone for the whole tournament.

Tomorrow another game. I don’t even know who at this point.

I was exhausted after the game. Felt like I had several weeks ago. A return of my problem? The game? A combination of both? I don’t know and did not know. All I knew was I was tired! My ass was dragging!

I telephoned Don. Told him I would not nbe appearing for bocce later in the evening. Too tired.

Stayed in. Had some great chicken. Donna had cooked one and left it standing.

After my sandwich, I tried to write a bit. Succeeded.

I have to write my KONK Life column one week in advance of publication. Next week’s column was writ. Chinese Women Rebel.

Chinese ladies have started a movement. Occupy Men’s Toilets. For real. A take off on Occupy Wall Street. Apparently, there are not enough women’s public toilets. The women are demonstrating for more. They chant as they march…..We want to pee! An interesting story. Watch for it next week.

I feel great this morning! I was worried I would wake up tired. That is how it was a few weeks ago.

After the show, I have to pick up Robert and Ally. I am baby sitting. They have no school today. We will do lunch together. They will pick. Probably I Hop. Their and mine most recent favorite place.

Enjoy your day!

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