A long day of writing yesterday. Done from the shade of the tiki hut. Just enough breeze. A taste of salt in the air.

Speaking of writing, I have added two recent KONK columns to Key West Lou Law on Amazon Kindle. Pythons Are A Coming and Kissing.

Lunch was obviously at home. A good one. Donna had made a meat loaf for her and Terri a couple of nights ago. I made a sandwich of the left overs. Comfort food.

My evening started at Aqua. Bobby Nesbitt time. I had plans to meet Bill and June Hudson there, also.

Bill and June have been Key West friends for many years. Occasionally, we have dinner together. Last night was time once again.

Aqua had the usual crowd of locals watching. Donna and Terri were there also, seated with Lynda. Terri sang several songs. A treat!

I understand Bobby and his partner Mike Mulligan are moving from Old town to Key Haven. New neighbors to be. Welcome!

Dinner with Bill and June was at the Yacht club. Discussion was lively. Bill is a black hearted Republican from Delaware. We also got into the life of a separated/divorced man in Key West. Mine. I may write a book on the experience also. It is not as you may think.

I stopped at Don’s Place before going home. Don at the bar. John, also. Todd bartending.

Syracuse basketball and bocce dominated the conversation. Don believes the loss of the Syracuse center will toughen the team and they will go all the way. No way, I said. Syracuse will be out in the second or third round. Time will tell.

As I was leaving, I noticed Puff was working Don’s liquor store. We exchanged waves and smiles.

Syracuse basketball at 3 this afternoon. We will win this one. Syracuse is playing a non entity # 16 seed.

I will be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar. Don and Chris are flying in from Puerto Rico. If their planes are on time, they will be joining me.

Then, bocce in the evening.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,

    I notice that you always refer to "black-hearted" Republicans, as if they are without care for fellow man.

    If you will recall the biblical verse, "give a man a fish, he will eat for a day…teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

    This saying sums up the two political parties.

    Democrats believe in giving fish for immediate gratification (and also taking money from others to keep feeding the poor).

    Republicans believe in teaching the man to fish to promote self-reliance (they also believe in charity, not force payment, just self giving. It's a fact that Republicans give far more to charity than Democrats).

    Not black-hearted. More like far-sighted

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