I spent the early morning yesterday working on friday’s Internet show.

Some interesting topics to be shared. Included…..Yes Virginia, there is a Batman, alcohol drinking Amish teenagers drag racing and hitting a police car, the Chinese getting bit in the ass, remember smoking behind the garage?, Texas abortion funds cut, March Madness, Liberal Ladies for Lunch declare no sex for husbands from 4/28 to 5/5, 14 young people stoned to death in Iraq in the last 3 weeks for dressing punk style.

Interesting stuff!

Speaking of March Madness, I am blown out! It was announced yesterday that Syracuse center Fab Melo will not play in the big tournament for academic reasons. There goes any chance of winning the championship. Syracuse will probably be eliminated in the second or third round. A shame.

Sun time. Rest time. Time to be good to the eyes. I went over to Higgs Beach around noon. Definitely wore a hat! Plopped my sand chair down and took in the world.

It is spring breaker time. The young ladies are lovely. Lovely is not adequate to describe them. Magnificent is better.

Their bathing attire gets less and less each year. Thong bottoms are in vogue this year. I am not complaining!

After about an hour and a half, I had enough sun. Plus, my eyes were tired. I went over to Salute’s for lunch. A piece of snapper over a salad with a cut up avocado on top.

Sloan came over at 6. We worked some more on everything.

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place. Rob bartending. Herschel there. Grant also.

Grant works at the burrito place on Simonton. Just off United. It is across the street from my dentist’s office.

I am ashamed to say I have never eaten one of their burritos. I soon will. Lisa enjoyed them. When she was working at Southernmost, she would periodically have me buy her one from Grant’s place.

Some lovely young lady showed up. Normally dressed for Don’s place. Then she changed. All of a sudden, she was prancing around in a colorful puffy short dress with a less than adequate red top. She also had a machine to mix drinks. Like Howard Livingston does with his old motor. There was a sign on the side of the machine…..Three Olives. I had no idea what that meant.

Turns out Three Fingers is a vodka brand. She was the distributor’s representative. She was providing all type mixed drinks to Don’s customers. She came by and offered me some orange concoction in a shot glass. I drank it down. Good!

The Three Olives rep did a good job. She made it her business to visit briefly with everyone.

It was well after nine when I left Don’s Place. I had not eaten yet. Decided to try the Southernmost Beach Bar. Glad I did. A big crowd of tourists whooping it up. I was able to get a seat at the bar. Enjoyed myself.

I skipped golf again today. It has been five months. Soon I will return. I miss the golf and the comadreship.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. The liberal ladies keeping sex from their husbands for a week!!?? A sex-less week for us old guys is nothing !! I wonder if that means their boyfriends too ?? What is the reason, what have we big bad males done now ?? Patrick

  2. while searching for info on Jack Baron your blog came up. Recently purchased a home that included a painting by Jack Baron. Do you know the name of the blood cancer he died from? My husband has a form of blood cancer as well…

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