I have become an alcoholic when it comes to writing. It has become an addiction for me. A good one. I spent most of yesterday writing. Some day I will publish.

I took a break in the afternoon to go to the gym. Work out time with Corey Aman. It has been three months since I started training with him. I think it is working. I am not sure yet. It will take another three months to really know.

Last night was the Chart Room first. Quiet. Surprising since the season is in full swing.

Mary barending Her sister who works the outside bar is in Prague for a week vacationing.

Sheila came in. I was glad to see her. I am sure she was glad to see me. We have mutual admiration society.

Some how the conversation got around to tomatoes. Sheila said she was the Tomato Queen of Simonton Street. She lives on Simonton.

How did tomatoes become a part of her life?

Turns out she was browsing through a Burbee’s seed catalogue at one time. She enjoyed the lay out and attractfulness of the catalogue. Sheila was a magazine publisher in her former life. She ordered several packages of seeds. Planted them. Tomatoes were one of the seeds ordered.

Sheila lives in a third floor/rooftop apartment. Plenty of sun light.

Only the tomatoes survived. Now Sheila plants them every year.

She is fanatical about them. She is proud her tomato plants have no bug bites or white fly infestation. The plants end up on Sheila’s kitchen table each evening for inspection.

Sheila, I will take mine cut up, with olive oil, a bit of oregano, and a touch of salt and pepper. With a loaf of bread on the side!

I was uncertain where to eat. Had to get out of downtown. Too many people.

I decided to stop at Outback on the way home. Packed. No room for Louis. I walked over to the Chinese restaurant. Picked up a couple of papers on the way to read while eating. I was in all my glory.

Don of Don and Chris texted me yesterday. He and Chris are in Puertop Rico. Will arrive in Key West Thursday for a few days. Their plane lands at one. Syracuse plays at three. We made arrangements to meet at the Sports Page Bar to watch the game together.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You have a short direct writng style. Like Hemingway. Good luck getting published. Also street name is Simonton. Not Siminton.

  2. hi lou, missed you this year, they call me tomtoes up here in wisconsin. Ours come a little later, have gotten 200 plants started, will end up planting allot. Can't wait to that first tomatoe. Hopefully soon, the weather has been great. Some people call me me just as picky with my plants, as Cindy and I like the different brands. Take care, Brent and Cindy, Twin lakes, Wis.

  3. Some have a real 'thing' for tomato's.. Especially organic heirloom varieties.. I start them here in the keys and take them back to NY in May.. Patrick

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