Amazing how the small things in life move us.

It happened to me yesterday. At Publix. Publix has new carts! Replaced all of them.

The carts are bright and shiny. The wheels work. They looked clean and felt clean.

It was the topic of conversation at Publix yesterday. Isn’t this nice? How lovely! Oh, they push easy! How wonderful! New carts!

If some one told me twenty years ago that new carts at a super markey would one day thrill and excite me, I would have told them they were crazy. Values change!

Before headinmg over to Publix, I stopped for a while at Plantation Coffee. Quite a while. Read the Sunday papers. Enjoyed coffee and a bagel at the same time.

I was in to Key West big time last night!

First, it was the Gardens. Kate Miano’s Gardens. I met Donna and Terri there by prearrangement. My girls were all scrubbed and made up. Looked terrific.

Terri sang a couple of songs. Debra and Patrick of  La Te Da fame were providing the entertainment. They invited Terri to sing a few songs. Once again, Terri received a standing ovation. What a talent!

Jimmy Olsen sat at our table. He is singing and playing piano a couple of nights a week at Square One.

Alex was assisting Debra and Patrick in providing. the entertainment.

Kate Miano stopped by. An exciting woman! A sharp business person! She has done amazing things with the Gardens.

My Delaware friends Bill and June were seated one table away. We have been friends for twenty years. We agreed to have dinner together Wednesday at the Yacht Club.

Ran into Doc Covan. A first class guy. Key West’s favorite psychologist.

It was fun time at the Gardens!

Then Donna, Terri and I headed over to La Trattoria for dinner. It has been ages for me since last I was there. For no particular reason. Just never made it.

It is nice to be welcomed! Kathy was bartending. She came from behind the bar to hug and kiss the three of us. Where have you been she asked me.

Lovely Becha came over. A hug and a kiss. Where have you been?

For these two ladies alone, I should eat at La Trattoria every evening!

The meal was its usual excellent self. The conversation between Kathy and the three of us stimulating. We had a good time.

At that point, the girls and I parted company. I went home. Donna and Terri I know not where. But obviously they were out on the town. They tell me that because of the time they spend in New York, their hours and mine are inconsistent. Their normal is different and so their daily timing of events different. Terri does her Broadway show till 11. They eat dinner afterwards around midnight. We had dinner last night at 8. I am in bed generally by 9 or 10. They 3 to 4.

Different schedules and life styles!

Busy day ahead of me today. I am working on some big writing items. Sloan assisting me. My morning is committed to writing. Gym this afternoon. Then I will screw off  for a couple of hours. Tonight? I don’t know.

Syracuse was designated a # 1 seed last night by the basketball powers to me. It was expected. Now it begins. March Madness. Most of the commentators had Syracuse and Kentucky in the championship game. I hope so! Some even had Syracuse winning. That would really be exciting! But we have to win the first gasme first. Better we take each game as it comes and worry only about that game.

Enjoy your day!

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