Change the clocks!

Confuses me every time I have to do it.

Fortunately, the computers and TVs self change. Nothing else does. I have never learned how to change the time on the micro. I just add or subtract an hour. So too with my car. My wrist watch has been broke for years. Cannot change the time. I will have to add one hour while we are on Daylight Saving Time.

My body needs time to adjust also. I know. I am like a little kid. I will be hungry one hour earlier each day for about a week. The sleeping also takes time to adjust.

Seventy six years old and still do not have it down!

Yesterday, I worked several hours in the morning and into the early afternoon with Sloan. She is assisting me with the books I am writing. Have to keep everything organized. She also helps with the many mundane things that have to be done with my writings and internet show.

I enjoyed a late lunch at Hogfish. Sat in the bar area. Watched basketball, read the papers and enjoyed a delicious meal. A po boy shrimp sandwich. Delicious! Many fried in batter shrimp covered with a pesto sauce and served on a large soft bun.

Spent the rest of the afternoon home watching TV. Great basketball and golf.

Dinner at Lisa’s. Intentionally planned for Saturday night. I was not going out. Wanted to stay in and watch Game Change on HBO. I am a political freak by nature and had read the book.

My grandchildren keep me happy. They are truly a joy. After dinner, Corey took them outside to play. Lisa and I had some quiet  father/daughter time while they were gone. Good for her and good for me.

I got home just before nine. Hopped In bed. Turned on the TV to HBO high def. What a big night I was going to have!

All of 15 minutes!

I fell asleep about 15 minutes into the movie. It is called old age. I used to say that anything I had to do had to be done by 11. Then as time progressed, it became 10. Now it is 9 many evenings!

Sunday! Key West weather is again magnificent. A good day just woke up.

Love Sunday’s TV news/politics talk shows. Enjoy browsing the New York Times. Tonight, early evening that is, I may go to Kate Miano’s Gardens. It has been quite a while since my last visit.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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