My head kept me in yesterday. All day. Two ugly cuts. Headache in the morning. Like a weight on  my head. Did not feel well. Was considering seeing my doctor.  Then I felt better. Still ok.

My problem is passed, except for the head cuts and bruises healing.

Sloan came over about 7 to work with me. We had arranged this meeting several days ago. I was in fine shape last night to work with her.

Then it was to bed to watch the Republican primary results. Basically a draw between the two leaders. Romney was lucky he won Ohio. A loss might have been disastrous for him. I have a feeling that the Republican primaries are going to be with us to the bitter end of the process.

I will be working all day on Friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. At 4, I will be off to visit my heart doctor. No problem. He is jsut checking my cholesterol.

Then out on the town!

I have not been out since Saturday night when David and I went carousing. Tonight I will start with the Chart Room and then go over to Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Thereafter, I know not what. Something to eat somewhere.

As you know, Terri sang Monday night. At Tennessee Williams in a show headed by Key West’s Randy Roberts. It was Randy, Terri and two male Broadway singers.

My girls told me yesterday when they got up that the show went over well. Was a sell out. Not a seat left. Terri received a standing ovation after one of her numbers.

After the show, the cast partied. My ladies came in at 4 in the morning. Slept to noon. Did whatever they had to do in the afternoon. And were back out last night. I don’t know how they do it. So much energy.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. You may have to change your name from Key West Lou to just Lou as must know by know that Wednesday night is Prime Rib night at the Rusty Anchor on stock island. Next time you are hungry for prime rib try the Rusty Anchor on Wed. night

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